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Get personalized expert advice for every medical decision. Summus provides fast, virtual access to 4,000+ world-class medical experts from 48 top-ranked academic hospitals in the United States to help you and your family make medical decisions with speed and confidence.

How does it work?
Request a Consultation
First, request a remote expert consultation. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information about your health.
Consult with your Summus MD
Your in-house medical advisor at Summus is a highly-trained physician who will lead an intake call to better understand your health concerns and match you with the best specialist.
Upload Medical Records
Your Summus MD will request specific medical records for your expert consultation. You can easily upload records to the Summus platform.
Consult with an Expert Physician
Engage in an in-depth discussion by video or phone with a best-in-class, US-based specialist regarding your specific diagnosis and health questions.
Healthcare can be done differently

We create a personalized health experience for families that is fast, smart, and unique to every member’s journey

My Remote Expert Consultation with a leading New York surgeon revealed that my local doctor was proposing an outdated procedure. I decided to have the operation in the US with a leading surgeon recommended by Summus. Summus was the key to finding the best solutions for my needs

Rashid M. (37)
Abu Dhabi

You have no idea how grateful I am to have Summus’s help in getting in touch with experts on my disease as I’ve struggled for years to find effective treatment.

Mariam S. (54)

After only three days, I was having an hour-long video consultation with the head of oncology at a world-leading cancer center, which would have required many phone calls and a plane ride back and forth to do myself. Our frank conversation gave me the confidence to choose the treatment plan that was right for me.

Jonathan W. (43)
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