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Best Immunologist in United Arab Emirates

Select the best Immunologist from 5 doctors in United Arab Emirates

Best Immunologist in United Arab Emirates

Select the best Immunologist from 5 doctors in United Arab Emirates

Dr. Emad El Din Arafa

Allergist, Immunologist

Umm Hurair 2, Dubai

Dr. Mariem Rabeh


Al Jaddaf, Dubai

Dr. Shahid Abbas

Allergist, Immunologist


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does an immunologist do? 

To understand what does an immunologist do, we first must understand what is immunology. Immunology is the medical field of study that specializes in the immune system. Immunology covers both immune system structure and their functions. 

An immunologist is a medical doctor that manage any problems that are related to the immune systems. It is a very important specialty in the medical field as the immune systems act as a protector shield against infections and diseases. Immunologists help create potent medical products to prevent diseases. 

2. When to see an immunologist? 

Generally, an appointment with immunologist comes from a referral from general practitioner. However, there are some symptoms that might indicate a condition with the immune systems. These are: 

  • chronic asthma or sinus that does not subside after medication 

  • persistent allergy symptoms that do not go away

3. What to expect when seeing an immunologist?

During your first visit, an immunologist might ask you about your past and present medical history or whether you are currently under medication. Several tests might also be done to test your allergies, additionally specific test might be administered to understand your lung function. 

After the first examination, the doctor will make a diagnosis and treatments based on what you are diagnosed with.

4. What are the branches of immunology? 

The study of immunology is divided into several branches, these include: 

  • Molecular immunology - the study of the immune system to the molecular level 

  • Cellular immunology - the study of types of immune cells and its functions 
  • Immunogenetics - the study that focuses on the relationship between genetics and diseases 
  • Clinical immunology - the study of immune diseases and how to treat each disease

5. What are the tests performed by an immunologist?

There are several tests performed by an immunologist, these include: 

Blot test - to identify certain protein 

Allergy test - to diagnose high sensitivity to various molecules 

Complement fixation - the most common test performed to the presence of antibody 

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