With the number of positive COVID-19 patients in the UAE are still showing increasing number, the UAE government has put a strict law in order to fight COVID-19.

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The penalties as per earlier of June 2020 are aimed at people who are still unaware of the health measures because irresponsible behaviour of some people can lead to greater health and safety risk of others.

July 2020 Update

On 24 June, officials has lifted night time restriction following the completion of three month national sterilisation programme. And more restrictions were relaxed across the UAE in recent days, but many safety measures are still in place to prevent second wave of coronavirus infection.

Dubai has relaxed mask restriction slightly, with exceptions of people who exercise alone or people who have an illness that makes it difficult to breathe with mask on. However, wearing masks remain mandatory in public place.

So, how much is mask fine in the UAE?

  • Violators in the UAE are subjected to fine of AED 3,000 for not wearing a face mask in public.
  • You still have to maintain 2 m of social distancing at all times in public places, unless if you are with members of the same household. Fails to follow social distancing at restaurants or shops could be fined AED 3,000.
  • Employers and owners of a company with workers caught not wearing a mask in public will be fined AED 5,000. The employee or worker will be fined AED 500.
  • Social gathering are banned and anyone hosting or attending it will be fined; AED 10,000 for the hosting and AED 5,000 for the guests.

Wear Your Mask Properly or Get Fined

Dubai Police have urged people to wear their masks in the right way when they go outside. Failed to comply with this, you can face AED 1,000 fine.

There are many situations for not wearing the mask in proper way when you are in public spaces. For example, left the mask hanging below your nose or further down to your mouth and even neck, strapped the mask on to your arms, hold it in your hand or even tucked it inside your pocket.

Dispose Your Mask Properly or Get Fined

Abu Dhabi and Ajman Police earlier also announced AED1,000 fine and six black points if you are throwing your surgical masks on the road. So far, only these two emirates that have publicly announce this fine.

People are urged to dispose their used surgical mask properly because without proper disposal, throwing used mask (if contaminated) could spread coronavirus to the community.

Then how to discard used surgical mask the correct way?

You can place it in a plastic bag first, then put it in a dustbin nearby. You should always wash your hands after disposing used masks.


Dubai also has released set of new guidelines on exemption of wearing face mask for different age groups.

It aimed at ensuring safety and also wellbeing of the community based on the recommendation of the COVID-19 Command and Control Centre and comprehensive review of global best practices to curb COVID-19 spread.

The new guidelines also cover the exceptional situations for different age group with health conditions. According to the new guideline, all members of the community must wear face mask at all times in public, while the following conditions get exempted.

  • Children under the age of six
  • People with cognitive, intellectual or sensory disorders, with an official medical report
  • Individuals who require supplemental oxygen or have severe respiratory conditions, with an official medical report

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai also give guideline that allow the public to temporarily remove the mask strictly under these following conditions:

  • During specific treatments such as dental or eye, nose  or throat examinations
  • Driving alone or with members of the same family
  • While eating or drinking in indoor and outdoor settings; for example in restaurants. Physical distancing must be observed at all times.
  • In office, only when alone and not surrounded by others
  • When engaging in rigorous exercise. Physical distancing must be observed at all times.

So, to ensure your safety as well as avoid any fine, use your mask when going out, only leave your house if necessary and practice the social distancing measures. These fines are subjected to change any time, depend on coronavirus cases in the UAE.