Travelling while pregnant is not only risky but can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when you need to take a flight. Flying in the air for hours and being confined in small spaces can be tiring and for most people, and for pregnant women, it’s even riskier.

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That’s why you need to be aware of the potential risks and tips of flying while pregnant.

1. Get a checkup and consult your doctor first

flying while pregnant

This is the first step you need to take before purchasing your flight tickets. Before taking a flight, you need an expert opinion from your doctor. And unless the doctor clears you to fly, you won’t be able to.

Plus, usually, airlines around the world require you to handle medical document from your doctor as part of the terms and condition of their flight for a pregnant woman.

Your doctor can assess your health condition, give you the best advice for travel while pregnant, and may even give you the necessary medication. Your doctor should also provide you with prenatal records as well as a medical certificate.

2. Get in touch with the airline

flying while pregnant

The is the second obstacle you will encounter before flying. Most airline companies in the UAE will not take passengers who are pregnant beyond 35 weeks. This rule varies with each company.

Get in touch with the airline most suitable for you, make them aware of your condition and they may even provide you with more assistance. Ask for your seat to be closest to the aisle for easy movement and access to the restrooms.

3. Plan your flight activities

flying while pregnant

Ensure you know the duration of your flight and what you need to keep yourself occupied. You may bring your favourite books, extra pillows for more comfort flying time or just sleep throughout the flight to avoid nausea or motion sickness.

4. Get enough rest beforehand

flying while pregnant

You’ll want your body to be as comfortable as possible before the plane, inside the plane, and getting off the plane. Ensure that you have slept enough before travelling and that you have the energy to fly on an aeroplane. If you know that you are the type that struggles to sleep on a plane, make sure you get your hours in before you get on it.

5. Hydrate and eat sufficiently beforehand

flying while pregnant

Keep your body feeling energized and hydrated. This will go a long way in keeping you feeling refreshed, preventing fatigue and improving your mood. Flying while dehydrated is not only bad for you and your babies health, but can make the experience all the more gruelling.

6. Move around from time to time

flying while pregnant

Get up from your seat to stretch, move around, go for a short walk or just stand up for a while. This will helps your body to avoid cramps and relieve fatigue. When pregnant, it’s even more important that you regularly move around. This helps your blood flow as well as providing oxygen for the baby.

7. Maximum comfort

flying while pregnant

Bring an extra pillow, or if necessary, you can consider upgrading your seats. Being comfortable makes your flight a whole lot easier, especially when you’re pregnant. Pack healthy snacks that are easy and convenient. By ensuring that your body is relaxed and comfortable, it gives your mind more piece.

8. Pack Medicine

flying while pregnant

If you are prone to nausea or motion sickness when flying, make sure you bring paracetamol or any other medicine your doctor prescribes. Do not rely on airline carriers to provide you with antibiotics. In most cases, airline carriers who are aware you are pregnant will ask and advise you on any medication you carry on board.

Though we may have the urgency to travel even while pregnant, always understand that you have options available. In the UAE, we have many specialist doctors who can help us with the maternal and birthing process. If you ever have any questions or concerns, there are many doctors in the UAE with the experience in hand to be able to help you.

Understand that you are not alone. Just make sure your health is in check, you have the support you need from close ones and professionals, and you’re going to be just fine. Travelling for a pregnant woman is not that scary at all.

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