Fasting during Ramadan is compulsory for Muslims, but it is okay not to fast for specific conditions such as medical condition or when a woman is pregnant.

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Metabolic changes occur during, and after Ramadan, you are allowed to fast, but the question still lingers, can a pregnant woman fast during Ramadan? Is it safe?

Can a Pregnant Woman Fast?

There are conflicting arguments to this question, but it is allowed for a pregnant woman fast depending on her health condition and if there will be any harm to befall on the baby.

Your doctor also may advise you. It is best to always consult everything with your doctor before doing anything that may harm you and your baby.

If you still want to fast, however, make sure your pregnancy is going well, and it is safe for the baby. Only you will know your condition.

Make sure to stay hydrated regardless of what you do as dehydration can lead to low amniotic fluid, premature labour and birth. Also avoid any strenuous activity that may cause a loss of fluids while pregnant and fasting.

Studies on Pregnancy and Fasting

There have been little to show that there are any effects on fasting pregnant mothers and babies. There could be a slight difference in size and height but very minimal. There are also minor concerns on fasting and baby growth when inside the uterus.

So the answer is yes, a pregnant woman can fast during Ramadan, you decide, because you’re the one that knows if you’re well enough to fast. Don’t forget to ask your practitioner first before fasting.

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