Routine exercise that leads to a healthier body and weight is the dream of many people. While exercising may seem easy, it is challenging to start, especially for beginners. 

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You may have set your goals every year to get more active and try making the workout a daily routine. You don’t have to struggle to achieve your workout goals and you can start on the right track now.

Here are seven workout tips for beginners that you can do to start the first step of your workout routine:

1. Make working out a habit

If you don’t have a method and you keep slacking off and skipping on working out, you won’t see positive changes in your body.

Make working out and going to the gym a habit. Work out 3-4 times each week for at least three weeks to build a successful workout routine.

2. Plan your workout time

The best time of day to work out is the time when you can do so consistently. You can either get your workout done in the mornings before you start everything else or late at night after work, or even in the midday if you have time.

So there is always a time for everyone, but there is the best time for you.

3. Plan your meal

Your meal before working out depends on what kind of workout you do. If it’s a light workout, you should be able to power through it without extra fuel.

However, if you’re going for a long workout, eat a healthy snack that contains a mixture of carbs and protein one to three hours before you begin.

4. Don’t think about the numbers

Tracking your progress such as running time and weight lifted can provide valuable feedback. However, when used regularly, they can reduce the joy of exercising.

Unplug devices now and then and focus on what your body is telling you. Move at a pace that feels good, listen to your body, and enjoy the experience.

5. Don’t panic if you gain weight

Have you ever noticed that right after working out, your weight goes up? But not to panic, that’s normal, and it doesn’t mean you’ve gained weight. A person’s mass is a combination of everything inside your body.

There is up to a 15 per cent change in mass after a workout. So you’ve gained weight from an exercise, it’s totally fine!

6. Consistency over intensity

Consistency on the workout is better than power. Remember that it takes time and persistence to build your body. It is better doing a 45-minute, moderate-intensity strength workout rather than doing an intense exercise only once a week.

7. Don’t skip warm-up and cool down

Don’t forget to warm-up before starting your routine. A proper warm-up includes stretching, and the aim is to be injury-free. Always take time to warm-up and take plenty of rest. There’s plenty of time to build and progress.

Consult with your doctor now for more workout tips that are perfect for you; you can now book a doctor’s appointment online on Okadoc.