Have you ever heard of the term skinny fat? Or maybe you noticed that you might be skinny fat. Before you start worrying, skinny fat is a body type that a lot of people have, and it doesn’t mean that you’re unhealthy or should be concerned.

“Skinny fat” is an unscientific, non-medical term to describe people who appear to be at a healthy weight, but have a lot of body fat and very little muscle. People who are skinny fat often find that parts of their body are skinny while other parts may often carry quite a lot of fat.

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For example, you may have small arms and shoulders but a very large stomach or waistline. Though you can hide your fat in a shirt and appear to be healthy, when stripped naked, you’ll realize you’re carrying more fat than you knew and may not be healthy. 

The main questions you’re wondering now are ‘how did I get skinny fat?’, and ‘how do I get rid of it?’ Skinny fat is the result of poor dieting or poor lifestyle choices. Just like how all body fat is accumulated, skinny fat is when you are eating more calories than you are burning.

If you aren’t exercising to build muscles, all the calories you consume are being stored in the form of fat. Do keep in mind that skinny fat can also be the result of biological and genetic factors. There are three types of body types in humans: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

Human Body Types

Skinny Fat
  • Ectomorph: Ectomorphs have a generally lean build. They may not put on fat easily, but they also have a hard time putting on muscle. They have a hard time gaining size and will have to eat and train a lot more than the other body types to increase size and weight. This is where skinny fat comes into trouble for them. Without proper dieting or exercise, when people with this body type eat too many unhealthy fats, it goes straight to their stomach and waistline creating the skinny fat look. 
  • Endomorph: people with an endomorph build are often larger compared to ectomorphs. They tend to carry more body fat than the other body types. Unlike ectomorphs, this body type will also hold fat in the stomach and waistline region but also have fat levels distributed around the whole body, resulting in a larger frame. Those with this body type need to focus on cardio and weight lifting to decrease their size.
  • Mesomorph: People who have a mesomorph body type will have a higher metabolism and can burn fat very easily. Their food consumption and physical lifestyle are heavily linked with their muscle development. This means that those with this body type have a harder time adding body fat while finding it easier to build muscles as opposed to the other body types. Those with this body type often have a larger, more proportionate and leaner physique than of the other two body types.

Now, to answer the second question of ‘how do I get rid of skinny fat?’. There are many approaches to doing this. You need to understand that living a “skinny fat” lifestyle doesn’t come without consequences and that you’ll need to change many aspects of your lifestyle including what you eat, how much you rest, how much physical activity you need and what kind of physical activities you have to do. 

How to Get Rid of Skinny Fat Physique

Skinny Fat

1. Eat better food

To get rid of the skinny fat physique, your main priority will be burning overall body fat and increasing overall muscle. This will shift the entirety of your body composure so you’ll have a more muscular and lean physique to counteract the stubborn fat on your belly and/or waistline.

Before you can even consider taking this approach, you’ll need to clean up your diet first. Eating less processed and unhealthy foods, eating clean sources of carbohydrates and protein and reducing your fat intake.

The recommended intake for people looking to lose weight and build muscle is a ratio of 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fat. Protein will help you build muscle, and carbohydrate will help to sustain those muscles as well as produce energy.

Try sticking with clean foods such as fresh meats, fish, avocado and leafy vegetables and be sure to stay away from processed foods, unwanted additives, fried and oily foods as well as high-calorie sugar foods.

2. Train smart

When trying to get rid of the skinny fat body type, the goal is to burn fat while building muscles to improve your overall physique. You need to train in a way that will help you do both these things. Too much weight lifting and no cardio, and vice versa will be counterproductive and may even change your body composure to something you didn’t even expect.

To build muscle while burning fat, given that you are eating at a caloric deficit, lift weights and perform cardio exercises at a higher intensity. This means that you aren’t only giving your muscles a workout, but you’re burning your fat by breaking a sweat and testing your cardiovascular system.

A common mistake people make is streaky state cardio. This doesn’t work for people looking to get rid of the skinny fat complexion as steady-state cardio can decrease muscle size in the long term. All in all, training smarter by knowing how to incorporate weight-lifting and cardio together using High-intensity training will help you to get rid of that skinny fat complexion in no time.

3. Stop Stressing

Skinny fat is quite normal for most people. There is nothing wrong with having body fat. It’s when body fat begins to harm our health that we should start to take the matter more seriously. If you’re dreading it because you don’t like your physique or feel that it damages your self-esteem, you need to realize that by stressing over it, your health may get worse.

You may start to follow diet tips and tricks that are counter-effective, let alone the psychological harm you’re causing to yourself. Sit back, relax and stay calm. Having a little bit of fat on your body is no reason to dread.

Keep in Mind

Skinny Fat

Always keep in mind that every person’s body is different. The way we respond to certain foods or physical activities will be different. Therefore results will always vary. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be patient.

Whether you’re trying to make your frame bigger, smaller, build muscle or cut fat, none of your goals will happen overnight. If you’re not certain on how to diet, improve your lifestyle or tackle skinny fat, you can always speak with a personal trainer, dietician or your medical practitioner. By talking to an expert, you’ll know that you’re heading in the right direction.

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