Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the essential vitamins people must consume for better health. Having enough vitamin C in your diet can improve your daily living, strengthen muscle tissues, joints, bones and improve your immune system as well as protect the body against certain diseases.

Vitamin C contains lots of antioxidants and is usually found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to fatigue, weakness in joints and muscles, bleeding gums and some rare cases, disease or illness.

According to most studies, the recommended daily intake for most adults is 65-90 milligrams per day is a sufficient amount for the vitamin to benefit the body. Understanding and knowing the importance of vitamin C can help us to improve our health as well as our diets.

Here are 5 Benefits you can expect from having enough Vitamin C.

Combat Common Cold.

The common cold can happen to anyone at any time. There aren’t any available vaccines for common colds. The only way to get through a cold is to let it run its course.

Vitamin C can aid its symptoms and even prevent you from getting it, however. Vitamin C has soothing effects on colds and flu and helps the immune system to fight off against its symptoms.

You can incorporate vitamin C during a cold by taking supplements or adding a bit of fresh lemon to your drink of water.

Enhance Mood.

Vitamin C helps the body to produce norepinephrine. This is a hormone and neurotransmitter that is associated with good mood.

By having enough vitamin C in your diet, this can help you by mentally combatting stress. It can also help you to alleviate tension and stay relaxed.

Improved Cardiovascular System.

Studies have shown that higher amounts of vitamin C can be responsible for improved heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin C can help in relaxing arteries when under stress and promotes better blood flow. This reduces the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Boosts Immunity.

Your immunity is your body’s best line of defence against harmful infections and viruses.

By using foods we consume, the body builds a defence system against harmful bacteria that can cause disease and health complications, and vitamin C is a strong component of that defence system.

Regular intake of the vitamin will help the body to combat those harmful diseases and viruses by bolstering your immune system. Having a healthy immune system can help heal wounds and scars quicker as well as combat illness such as colds or flu.

Anti-ageing effects.

Vitamin C promotes the body to produce new collagen. Collagen is what keeps skin looking fresh and maintain supple, elastic and flexible.

This can help to improve the look of ageing and tired skin. As vitamin C is also rich in antioxidants that help in combating diseases, this also helps to promote better blood flow that can reduce your risk of suffering a stroke.

Vitamin C can help you to look young externally and feel young internally.

The bottom line is that vitamin C is essential for all diets. If you have a vitamin C deficiency or want to know more about how you can incorporate it into your diet, speak with your medical practitioner or dietician.

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