An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated smoking apparatus that imitates traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is commonly referred to as a vape (vaporiser).

Vapes were created as an alternative for people who smoke regular cigarettes. Though there are many benefits of using vapes instead of traditional cigarettes and both options are available to smokers, it’s important to understand that neither options are healthy habits to adopt for your immediate and long-term health.

Addiction is one of the main issues in smoking. Unfortunately, there is not enough research or evidence that supplementing or replacing smokes with vapes can curb or stop the addiction.

Now in saying that, if you’re still thinking of adopting e-cigarettes, you’ll need to understand it’s pros and cons and how they can affect your health.

Pros of E-Cigarettes

  • The chemicals in Vapes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes contain various toxic chemicals produced from its tobacco content. These chemicals are not present in vapes. Since vapes use vapour technology, they expose users to fewer carcinogens, a substance that can cause cancer.
  • Though passive smoke in vapes still exists, it’s still a significant improvement on traditional cigarettes. The effect of second-hand smoke produced from vapes is far less harmful than regular cigarettes.
  • They don’t produce bad odour as traditional cigarettes do. Vapes are designed to give the same smoking experience that traditional cigarettes would. However, they do it without the threat of bad odour or stained teeth and fingernails that traditional cigarettes often pose.
  • Vapes can be useful in helping smokers quit. In multiple studies and surveys, vapes have been shown to help smokers reduce or outright quit smoking habits altogether potentially. Though this may be the case, there hasn’t been enough research regarding vapes and addiction. We need to develop a better understanding should this study be accurate.
  • They can be a cheaper alternative to smoking. Depending on one’s level of smoking amounts, studies in the U.K. and the U.S. show that vaping can be up to 40 per cent less expensive than cigarette smoking. However, this is subject to brand, quantity and personal smoking habits.

Cons of E-Cigarettes

  • Nicotine is still evident in Vapes. While not all e-cigarettes contain nicotine, most do. Nicotine impacts the neurotransmitters in the brain, causing addiction.
  • Electronic cigarettes emit carcinogens. Vapes contain a substance called liquid nicotine and are far more dangerous than tobacco leaves themselves. Previous studies suggest that some vaporisers release toxic metals during use.
  • Vapes are commonly used alongside traditional cigarettes, rather than in place of them. This will increase the total exposure of nicotine and may eventuate in steady or increased addiction in smokers.
  • The industry is still relatively unregulated. Some vapour products have yet to be approved by the FDA. According to experts, vapes have not been studied thoroughly enough to understand the potential risks they truly pose.
  • Vaping runs the risk of burns and other physical accidents. This includes explosions from faulty or misused electric chargers.
  • The act of smoking develops bad habits. Most experts would agree that the physical act of smoking is habit-forming, regardless of the content in the actual smoke. Whether it’s tobacco in traditional smokes or the liquid in E-cigarettes, the physical action of smoking may cause addiction and also promotes negative habits in first-time smokers.

Though there are Pros and Cons in adopting e-cigarettes to replace or supplement your current smoking habits, you need to keep aware that smoking anything, in general, will negatively impact your health. E-cigarettes or other smoking alternatives do not curb addiction and is not the answer to improving your health.

As every person and level of addiction is different, the best way to quit smoking is to seek the right advice from the proper support channels. One of the best ways of taking action against addiction is to seek medical advice.

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