Energy drinks are trendy among people who have an active lifestyle, energy depleted, or have built up a bad habit of consuming too much caffeine.

What makes energy drinks popular are because of its instant energy hits, the heightened level of alertness as well as its great taste. However, energy drinks are often high in sugar, sodium and artificial ingredients that are quite bad for your body.

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It can give you side effects such as energy crashes to severely out of shape if you drink them excessively and for the wrong reasons.

Are Energy Drinks Good or Bad for You?

Energy Drinks

Certain brands of energy drinks are notorious for misleading or false advertising. Although they promote better brain power and focus, soft drinks rely far too heavily on caffeine and added stimulants.

General fizzy drinks will contain around 30 mg of caffeine per serving. Coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine per cup while energy drinks can hold up to 250 mg of caffeine per serving. When you are on a diet with heavy reliant to caffeine, some health complication will occur.

It is essential to understand why you should avoid energy drinks, what are the substitute drink options that are healthier and also try to understand why people want to drink it in the first place. Let’s try to uncover the truth about this drink.

Negative Effects of Energy Drink

Energy Drinks

1. Can lead to weight gain

Energy drinks can lead to weight gain, obesity, and even diabetes. It is because of its high sugar content. Excessive consumption of sugar is one of the main causes of weight gain and obesity in children and adults.

Even the UAE is now taxing sugary drinks such as sodas and even higher amounts on energy drinks in an attempt to curb overconsumption. Most of the energy drinks are extremely sweet; therefore many people drink it for the taste.

2. Excessive energy

No matter what your lifestyle or daily routines demand you, excessive energy can never be a good thing. There is a time to be active and focused and a time to be at rest. Energy drinks not only give you extra energy at one time but can also affect you when you’re trying to rest or sleep.

If excess amounts of caffeine or artificial stimulants begin to hinder your rest periods such as making it difficult to sleep, it can significantly affect your overall wellbeing.

UAE’s Dr. Mashal stated in a 2018 study published by the “Khaleej Times’ that energy drinks are causing more problems in health, hyperactivity and sleep disorders. These are a more significant concern for young adults and students with heavy workloads.

3. Dangerous Stimulants

Energy drinks are saturated with many added stimulants that are not good for the body. Excessive consumption of these stimulants can cause health complications such as diabetes, disorders or even cancer.

A 2018 study published in the ‘Khaleej Times’ by Dr. Mashal states that “The ingredients in energy drinks reach the blood rapidly, increase the stimulation of stress hormone release, and can affect the heart rate, increase the blood pressure, cause gastric upset, sleep disorders and insomnia.”

Doctor Mashal also states that patients who drink too much energy drinks also show symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Healthier Ways To Get More Energy

Energy Drinks

1. Rest or sleep more

Every person is different in terms of how much they need to sleep to function correctly during the day. But the best and most essential way to conserve and build up energy is to have sufficient rest time.

It is recommended that an adult should sleep at a minimum of 6 hours, 7-8 recommended. By ensuring you are getting enough rest without feeling fatigued or tired, you’ll have more energy levels to make sure you’re focused, alert and sharp throughout the day.

2. Consume natural sugars

Sugar gives you energy. That’s why you can still use it to your advantage before turning it into a negative aspect of your diet. It means controlling how much you consume as well as what type of sugars you’re getting in.

The best sugars to get that can give you energy and won’t quickly turn into fat is from natural sources of food. It includes mostly fruits and some vegetables. Unlike added sugar, there are no added chemicals or preservatives. It means your body can easily digest them and use them for energy.

3. Stay hydrated and well fed

Regardless of your energy levels, lifestyle or supplement usage, you should always be well hydrated and supplied with a nutritious diet. Staying hydrated with water keeps your body and mind healthy. This is important for energy levels throughout the day.

Electrolytes are one of the main minerals in water and help to improve brain and cognitive functioning to keep you focused and alert. Water also helps to cool down your nervous system and aid digestion.

Eating natural foods that are rich in healthy nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, macronutrients such as carbs, fats, and protein, will fuel your body with clean energy. If you’re eating well and drinking enough water, you won’t need to take supplements, especially caffeine-heavy ones.

Things to Keep In Mind About Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

People find energy drinks as a quick fix solution to answer their short term problems such as staying alert for the day or having extra energy to perform physical tasks. However, its side effects can be quite harmful and will add up over time.

Especially in young children, elderly or people with certain health complications, energy drinks need to be avoided at all costs. There are many healthy substitutes for energy drinks; you only need to know which ones work best for you.

To find out which ones and how to get more energy into your life in a healthier way, speak with a professional dietician or better yet, your doctor.

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