If you’re overweight, not happy with your general physique, or want to have a healthy body, weight loss is something most people find as the answer. And though some of find it easier than others to lose weight, extreme weight loss is never a good thing.

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No matter how you lose weight or what routines you’ve developed, losing weight takes time and should never be rushed. As soon as it’s reached extreme levels, many negative effects will happen and can put your overall health at major risk.

What is Classified as Extreme Weight Loss?

Extreme Weight Loss

Every person is different. To be specific, if two people are on the same caloric deficit amount, one can experience fewer side effects. This is due to factors such as previous weight loss experience as well as personal health conditions.

However, an ideal rule of measure is to lose 1 kg a week. Anything more than that may be considered too extreme. If you lose more than a kilo a week, you run the risk of malnutrition as well as not having enough calories to fuel your average day.

A caloric deficit is the only way you can lose weight. This is when you burn more calories than you eat. People who eat a lot by trying to make up by exercising run the risk of overtraining.

Those who eat little because they don’t want to exercise run the risk of malnutrition. Healthy weight loss is finding the balance of both and creating a routine that works best for your health.

Negative Effects of Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss
  • Weakened immune system – If you are burning too many calories and not replenishing them, not only do you lack energy, but your body becomes malnourished. Your immune system, in general, will become weakened as it is not given the resources or fuel to operate at its best. This leads to an increased risk of you becoming sick or ill. 
  • Weakness and fatigue – Even though you may think this is a symptom of weight loss success, you end up becoming extremely tired, weak, find it difficult to focus or keep up with your daily routine. Having a major lack of energy also means your body becomes more injury prone as joints, muscles and body parts will weaken. 
  • Gallstones – This is a common side effect of people who lose weight too rapidly. Gallstones are developed when hard deposits of cholesterol form in the gallbladder. Even though the balls themselves don’t cause direct threats, people who develop them will feel symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. You will need medication that can help to dissolve gallstones. In the worst cases, you may need surgery to remove them
  • Excess skin – Also known as loose skin, this happens when you rapidly lose weight, and your skin is yet to adjust and tighten to your body. People who rapidly lose weight will notice skin to be particularly loose around the abdomen, legs, and arms and most will know, it isn’t a very pretty sight. Apart from the unpleasant sight and skin chafing, loose skin isn’t too much of a concern. However, if the skin does not naturally tighten over time, it may need to be surgically corrected in the worst case.
  • Muscle loss – Just because the number on the scales are dropping, it isn’t necessarily a good thing. Unless you’re purposely trying to burn muscle because you have too much, it’s never a good thing. Muscle loss leads to weakness, weakened the immune system, an aesthetically imbalanced body as well as slowing your metabolism, which is responsible for helping you burn fat.

How to Safely Lose Weight

Extreme Weight Loss
  • Speak with a personal trainer, dietician or your doctor about the safest and most ideal approach to help you lose weight.
  • Set yourself realistic goals that are achievable, and suitable for your body
  • Have fun with it. If you don’t enjoy your lifestyle because of weight loss, whether you’re doing it safely or not, you are less likely to see the results you want.
  • Track your results as well as how you are feeling. Identify what works, what doesn’t work, and what can change. This is the best way to prevent negative effects on snowballing to more significant issues.

Keep in Mind

Extreme Weight Loss

Patience is the most important thing when trying to do anything with your health, and transforming your body is one of those things. Whether you’re trying to shed fat or build muscle, impatience can derail your progress and put you at risk of negative effects.

Try to set your self realistic goals and have fun with the progress without feeling the pressures of other peoples perception of you. Losing weight should be about sticking to your goals and not the expectations of others. 

As everyone’s body and experience levels with losing weight are different, no one approach works for all. If you are inexperienced with dieting or adjusting your lifestyle to lose weight, speak with a personal trainer who can guide you or better yet, speak with your doctor.

They will be able to identify your immediate health and how to execute a perfect diet and training plan that suits you best.

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