Today July 1st, we are celebrating International Joke Day which appears to have started originally in the United States. On this day, we feel it’s important to remind people about the importance of laughter and humor.

A healthy sense of humor can assist you in dealing with difficult situations. Humor might appear to be a calming salve or a light diversion. Humor, on the other hand, is far more effective than anything that simply soothes or relaxes us.

True, laughter is powerful medicine. It brings individuals together in ways that lead to positive physical and mental changes.

Clinical data reveals that tickling our funny bones not only entertains us, but also improves our physical, psychological, and social well-being.

Physical Benefits

Laughter, at its most fundamental level, works your diaphragm. It allows you to inhale more oxygenated air while also stimulating your lungs. You are releasing physical tension in your muscles during those moments of boisterous laughter.

  • Boosts heart health: Your cardiac health improves when you chuckle at amusing situations. Laughter causes your heart rate to rise and your blood pressure to drop.
  • Physical pain relief: Let’s imagine you’re suffering from a migraine and are binge-watching a hilarious comedy show. You become diverted from the migraine’s pain and discomfort while you watch and chuckle. However, distraction isn’t the only factor in reducing pain perception, it enables Endorphine hormone production which is considered a natural painkiller.
  • Helps to boost immunity: by laughing, you are multiplying antibody-producing cells and improving the efficacy of T cells in your body. These cells work as a defense force to combat sickness.
  • Laughter is a great way to burn calories: it’s hardly a replacement for exercise, but a study found that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day can burn around 40 calories.

Psychological Benefits

Humor can help us cope with stress and anxiety amid a range of unpleasant and demanding situations.

  • Laughter is a stress reliever

Humor has been shown to lower stress hormones in clinical studies. When you’re anxious, cortisol is the main stress hormone that circulates throughout your body. Cortisol levels must be reduced since high cortisol levels stress your immune system.

  • Humor aids memory

Another benefit of employing comedy that may surprise you is that it has to do with the brain. Humor can help you remember things better. When you couple relevant comedy with a fact, you’re more likely to remember that knowledge.

Social Benefits

Most of us can recall a time when laughing was contagious and moved quickly from two people to a group of people. People frequently become closer after sharing a laugh.

Another important societal effect of humor is that it improves interpersonal communication. When you share a meme or tell a joke, the other person is more likely to want to engage in a conversation with you.

Laughter and humor are effective stress reliever that can help you cope with and survive a difficult and stressful lifestyle. Many experts recommend following laughter therapy to help to treat stress, depression, and other mental illnesses. 

To know more about its benefits, click here and book an appointment with a Mental Health specialist. 

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