When you develop fat and gain too much weight, you get the whole set. The belly, the chin, the love handles, the huge thighs and everything in between. And the only way to burn them off is through regular physical exercise and dieting.

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If you think to eat certain foods can make certain body parts smaller, you’re wrong. You need to overhaul your entire diet and physical activity regimen to achieve the goals you need.

If you want to optimize your efforts, here are 8 superfoods that can help you burn more fat in the process.

1. Fatty Fish

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Multiple studies have indicated that fatty fish and omega 3-fatty acids to be exact, can significantly help you to burn fat. Fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines are great for improving your heart health, blood pressures and contribute to your protein intake.

Fish also has an abundance of important minerals and vitamins that can benefit your skin, eyes, muscle tissue and overall physical health.

2. Chilli Peppers

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Chilli peppers have an abundance of antioxidants that is unrivalled by many other healthy foods. Capsaicin in chilli peppers is the key ingredient that is linked with healthy weight maintenance and weight loss.

In a study by the National Institutes of health in the US, capsaicin was found to counteract the slowdown in metabolic rate that typically occurs with decreased calorie intake.

This means the body is consistently burning fat throughout the day, even in the absence of increased physical activity.

3. Olive Oil

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Olive oil is known as being one of the healthiest fats you can get. It is also known for lowering cholesterol levels, managing blood sugar better, as well as keeping hormones balanced.

What makes olive oil a great food option for weight loss is its ability to increase your metabolic rate. This will help you to burn fat a lot faster.

4. Eggs

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Just like olive oil, eggs are extremely nutritious, and also a great source of healthy fats. As long as you’re eating them in moderation, eggs can also help with blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Its high protein content also means that you’re retaining muscle tissue when losing weight as well as keeping you feeling full.

5. Quinoa

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Quinoa has become one of the most popular types of grains all over the world. This is because they are much lighter, have less acid and carbohydrates as opposed to wheat and bread, while also helping you feel full.

Quinoa also prevents bloating by feeding on the good bacteria in your gut and prevents the feeling of bloating. This means that you can feel full, without the excess calories you might get from any other type of wheat product.

6. Whey Protein

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Whey protein is extremely important if you’re trying to pack on muscle. And also essential when you’re trying to shed fat. People looking to burn fat and lose weight usually will try to keep fat and carbohydrate intake low, while increasing their protein intake.

The more muscle your body carries, the faster your body burns fat. Whey protein can will help you aid and up to this process.

7. Green Tea

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Green tea is naturally high in antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory. This helps with regulating blood sugars, lowering cholesterol levels, as well as boosting your metabolism.

Although more research needs to be done on how green tea effects metabolism, it is a popular beverage for people looking to lose weight.

8. Greek Yoghurt

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Multiple studies have shown that Full-fat, unrefined yoghurt contains conjugated linoleic acid, which helps promote and aid healthy weight loss. What makes yoghurt the ideal superfood for weight loss is that its high protein content.

It means your muscles are protected and aren’t also deflating along with your fat. Yoghurt also has an abundance of calcium, antioxidants, and minerals that keep your body full of energy, strength as well as strengthening your immune system.

Keep in Mind

Superfoods to Burn Fat

Though these foods are great for burning fat, they aren’t your only options. Many different foods will help you reach your weight or fitness goals. You just need to do some trial and error in regards to what works best for you.

Also keep in mind your diet should focus on what your body needs, and not just what the above foods can do for you. If you need help with this or more advise, speak with a professional dietician or your medical practitioner.

Exercise is just as important as diet for weight loss. Even if you’re eating plenty of the above superfoods, you won’t see the results you desire if you aren’t exercising properly.

Balancing cardio exercise with resistance training is the best way to supplement your diet as well as improving your overall physique and health.

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