For some people, the upcoming holy month of Ramadan could be seen as a difficult time due to the amount of preparation needed to fast and go through regular daily activities.

Fasting for almost 15-16 hours a day, requires both physical and mental readiness. This is why it is important to train your mind and body in order to be resilient enough to face all of the difficulties that come with fasting.

How To Prepare Your Body?

Here are some tips that we selected for you to be fully ready for Ramadan.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Cutting back now will minimize the struggle of caffeine withdrawal headaches at the start of Ramadan. You can begin shifting to decafs and herbal teas for a smooth transition.

Regulate Your Sleep

Set your alarm a bit earlier every day. If you usually get up at 7 a.m., try to make it 6 a.m. and then 5.30 a.m. and so forth. Combine this habit with going to bed earlier every night and watch how the small adjustments will make it easier to wake up for suhoor.

Cut Out Snacks & Reduce Your Portions

Try to reduce all snacks and drinks in days leading up to Ramadan so that your body will have less adapting to do. During fasting, you will be only removing that one main meal: Lunch. We know that rich Ramadan iftars may tempt you to over-indulge in the starters, mains and dessert but you can adapt your body to a balanced diet by getting used to reduced portions.

Stock Up

Try to prepare your meals the week before Ramadan. By making a meal plan, listing the ingredients and grocery shopping while you are still energetic, you are saving time and effort during the days you have to fast.

Reduce or Quit Smoking

Smoking is an addiction, and it’s recommended to quit it at any day of the year, but the habit is a lot easier to do in Ramadan. 

Smokers who do not get ready for Ramadan in advance will experience various withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, frustration, and so on. Fasting becomes particularly difficult for them as a result of this.

The best way to avoid these uncomfortable signs is to reduce or attempt to quit smoking before the month of Ramadan.

Need To See A Doctor?

If you have concerns over your ability to fast for any reason like diabetes, high blood pressure, or reflux, now is the time to see a doctor.

Head over to the homepage or download our Mobile App to book an appointment with a Dietetics & Nutrition doctor instantly.

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