It may feel surreal, but with all the new rules ruled in the UAE to curb the spread of this virus, this year’s Ramadan in the UAE will likely be very different and challenging because of COVID-19 outbreak.

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Our daily routine has changed dramatically. Children are learning from home, and many workers are working from home and forget about going out or visiting family/friends since physical distancing is the new rules. You also need to apply permit to go out for groceries!

As the authorities urge residents to stay home while the national disinfection programme in the UAE is still happening until further notice, Ramadan routine inevitably will be changed too, given the fact that it will be observed in this week. 

Even the shopping centres are still closed until further notice, but supermarkets and groceries are still open. So, what to buy for this Ramadan during COVID-19? 

  • Staple foods, like bread, rice, wheat flour, cooking oil and eggs
  • Vegetables that stay fresh longer, onions, potatoes, carrot, beans, and leafy greens
  • Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, fruits, cheese,
  • Fruits!
  • Spices and herbs! You need them for Harees, Thareed, Samosa, and other traditional meals during Ramadan
  • Meats
  • Canned foods & frozen foods if you like more convenient and easy to prep dish at home
  • Ramadan treats, like sweets, traditional treats, and dates
  • Baking ingredients, such as all-purpose flour, yeast, baking powder, date syrup, etc 
  • Don’t forget to buy Ramadan themed decorations!  

With the ongoing UAE’s national disinfection program, make sure to have your Ramadan grocery list ready before applying for movement permit, so you don’t miss any essential ingredients to celebrate the Holy Month. 

As our health is the top priority during this outbreak, fill your grocery list with healthy and fresh foods as much as possible. Think of stocking food for 2 weeks (or longer) to avoid going out too much during this outbreak. Fresh fruits and vegetables can last long enough if you store them correctly. So, opt for fresh foods first, then frozen or canned food as the extra. 

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