Fashion, style, and shoes are now in its most prominent years. ‘Sneaker culture’ is well and truly at its prime, and the UAE is no stranger to it. Men, women, the young, and old are embracing shoes as a staple of any fashion look. Though this mainstream trend is fine, one must truly ask ‘whatever happened to wear shoes based on comfort?’.

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The main thing you need to consider before finding the right shoes is if it actually fits you well and suitable for you on a practical basis. So no matter what shoes you’re fancying at the moment, you might need to check up with your podiatrist.

About Podiatrists

Finding The Right Shoes

Podiatrists are medical experts who are devoted to the treatment feet, ankles and leg concerns. A podiatrists physician will assess the health of your foot by testing factors such as walking behavior, foot and ankle flexibility and overall strength in your lower body.

From there, podiatrists can assess what the main issues are, causes for your concerns as well as providing dieting, exercise, and lifestyle adjustment tips. They may also prescribe you with custom orthotics for your shoes to correct any complications.

The UAE has many podiatry practices available for people of all ages and health conditions. All you have to do is the search for them (which you should have no problem with There is no recommendation in terms of how often you should visit a podiatrist, so long as you see them whenever you have an issue or if you haven’t been in a while.

If you are experiencing an unusual problem with your legs, ankles or feet, you can seek your regular medical practitioner. They can also introduce you to a suitable podiatrist.

The Importance of Wearing the Right Shoes

Finding The Right Shoes

1. Prevent foot injury

Sporting injuries usually occur because of using the wrong shoes. Not only does wearing the wrong shoes make you feel uncomfortable, but they can also weaken you over time and disrupt your foot mechanics. Always use the right shoes for the right purposes and physical conditions.

2. Worsen existing health problems

The only thing worse than sustaining an injury because of the wrong shoes is worsening existing problems you already have. People with joint pains, osteoporosis or arthritis in their ankles, feet or knees are most likely to exacerbate their condition and worsen symptoms when wearing the wrong shoes. You need to make sure your shoes are tailored towards your personal needs, and speaking with a podiatrist is the first step.

3. Affects your lifestyle

The type of shoes you wear can affect your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle where you are always on your feet, then you need something a little more flexible, yet sturdy. If you spend most of your time in a sedentary position, you need to have shoes that align your feet in the right position at all times. If you don’t wear shoes that are tailored towards your personal lifestyle, you can cause long term problems to develop in your feet.

Finding the Right Shoes for Your Need

Finding The Right Shoes

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right shoes for you. A lot of people nowadays only consider the aesthetic appeal. However, the below points are far more important in maintaining a healthy and active lower body.

The three below points should be strongly considered when buying a new pair of shoes. If one is missing, then you need to keep searching until you satisfy all three below points.

1. Sufficient cushioning

The midsole is there a main part of the shoe that should provide you with most of the cushioning. It will help the body to adapt to the force of from your feet when you walk, so it doesn’t get shocked.

2. Sufficient support

The entire shoe needs to have enough support, flexibility, and strength to align your foot when you are walking or running. The support is important in preventing injury or aggravating existing problems.

3. Sufficient comfort

Without comfort, you wouldn’t want to wear it yourself. The shoe should not be too loose or too tight. If your foot feels uncomfortable, you will aggravate certain tendons, joints, and muscles, as well as running the risk of an injury. It needs to feel compact, flexible, firm, and just right.

What to Keep in Mind

Finding The Right Shoes

There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with social trends and wearing something that makes you happy on an emotional and personal level. However, what you decide to wear on your feet should never get in the way of your health. If you notice that you feel discomfort in your feet, when you walk, when you move, or even when you rest, it is advisable to speak with your medical practitioner or podiatrist.

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