Fat is one of the most common reasons for stress in adults. As many adults in the UAE and all over the world have priorities such as work and family, health is often neglected because of poor dieting and not enough physical activity. It doesn’t only cause stress, but it is also a major health concern.

A study by the World Health Organization found that over 2.1 billion people, which is close to 30% of the global population, are overweight or obese. The UAE is quite significant to this statistic as more than 66% of men, and 60% of women in the UAE are already overweight or obese according to a global study by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

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Carrying excessive amounts of body weight as well as fat can cause health complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, breathing problems, and diabetes. Fortunately enough, with an improved lifestyle, enough motivation and having the right knowledge, you can improve your wellbeing and burn those fats.

One of the best habits to put you on that course is correcting and improving your morning habits. Here are 6 healthy morning habits to do to burn your fat and improve your health.

1. Never Skip Breakfast

healthy morning habits

Skipping breakfast is probably the number one rookie mistake most people make. Mornings are usually the time of the day when the body doesn’t feel as hungry compared to other meal times. Because most people like to rush their mornings, they will pass on breakfast. Though you may think you’re losing weight by avoiding the calories of breakfast, this will cause hunger later, dehydration, lack of energy as well as impairing your ability to focus or stay mentally sharp.

Make sure you make time for breakfast and that it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. This will help you to manage your appetite so you don’t binge eat later, as well as providing your body with the nutrients it needs for the day.

2. Protein-based Breakfast

healthy morning habits

Try to consume 20-30 grams of high-quality protein in the morning. This is great for replenishing muscle tissue. Having a higher muscle ratio in the body can help to burn fat at a faster rate when exercising as it improves metabolism.

Protein also helps to regulate blood glucose levels throughout the morning. Supplemented with good sources of carbohydrates in the morning, your protein based meal will help you feel full for longer so you can beat the usual midday cravings.

3. Stretch Properly

healthy morning habits

It is important that stretching is one of the first things you do in the morning before tackling your day. As your body stays still most of the time throughout the night, joints, bones, and muscles can begin to feel cramped and sore.

By stretching it out, you’ll make sure that you don’t feel any of the pains caused by stiffness and soreness. Stretching will help you feel flexible and provide you with the energy your body needs to tackle on the day.

4. Morning Cardio is The Best

healthy morning habits

Morning cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight. It helps you to feel energized later in the day, get rid of any of the cramps or stiffness from the night before and gives you a head start for your day by burning calories before you do anything else. Many people overlook this step as it will mean you have to wake up earlier.

Though this step may not be as mandatory as others, it should be considered if you are overweight. If it means sleeping earlier the night before, it’s well worth it as 20-30 minutes of walking or running can have a significant effect on your mood, energy levels as well as your weight loss goals.

5. Hydrate Well

healthy morning habits

Try to stick between 8-10 cups of water a day. In the morning, 1-1.5 cups are perfect. Water during breakfast and before your daily routine starts will help you stay hydrated so you can focus on tasks, as well as lubricating joints, replenishing muscles and improving your digestive system for the day. Multiple studies have also shown that ice cold water can also improve your metabolic rate.

This means you can burn fat at a faster rate, although more research needs to be done to conclude the effectiveness of this. Morning drinks such as tea, coconut water, and organic fruit juices are great as they can also boost your vitamin and electrolyte intake, both important for healthy brain and body functioning. However, try to stay away from drinks that may have additives or artificial sweeteners. Otherwise, water is your safest, easiest and best option.

6. Stay Away from Sugar

healthy morning habits

Multiple studies have shown that eating foods that are sweet and contain a lot of sugar in the morning, are likely to spike our cravings throughout the day. This also sets the tone for a bad diet throughout the day. It’s easy to stay away from candy added sugar and artificial foods in the morning, but actually breaking down what you eat may help.

Foods such as cereal, white bread, and flavored yogurt are common breakfast foods that are high in sugar without you even suspecting it. These processed foods will spike your insulin, meaning you will crave sugar more throughout the day. Replace these foods with more organic carbohydrate and fiber sources such as original oatmeal, organic leafy greens, fresh fruits, and wholegrain bread. Cutting sugar for your breakfast meals will help you lose weight over time and setting the tone for your diet.

The key to burning fat and getting to a healthy weight is incorporating better dieting and an exercise routine. It is a long process to improve your health, especially when trying to specifically burn fat, but discipline is the key.

Speaking with a medical practitioner or a professional dietician is also a great way to put you in the right direction. Seeking professional medical advice also ensures you are doing what’s best and most effective for your body as dieting is not a one size fits all matter.

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