Speak with any gym junkie or fitness enthusiast you know, and they’ll all tell you the same thing. That compound weight exercises are the real deal when trying to get a killer workout in. Compound exercises are perfect for beginners and the most advanced trainers.

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The reason being is because compound weight exercises don’t just target a single muscle or function. Compound weight training works multiple muscles, body parts, and joints.

So it is not only great for building and adding muscle mass but also helps to shed fat, strengthen bones and joints and to improve your overall posture in your daily life. 

How to Improve Posture With Compound Exercises

Improve Your Posture With Compound Exercises

1. Push-ups 

Push-ups is one of the most common types of compound exercises as the actual activity is quite simple. And honestly, its something you can only learn by doing instead of reading. Push-ups help to activate your arms, chest, core, and back.

With all these body parts being active at the same time, your entire upper body will become stronger. In turn, your body won’t have a hard time holding the correct posture.

As your chest, back and arms are developing strength and endurance, and you’re less likely to slouch. Just be careful with your form, as push-ups can be quite counter-effective when done incorrectly.

2. The Plank

Just like push-ups, planks are very straight forward and can be done by almost anyone, anytime, anywhere. What makes the plank an ideal exercise to improve posture is that it helps to develop core strength.

Planks are useful because they work your legs, abdominal muscles, and your back. These are all essential body parts for carrying your weight and having enough endurance to hold your posture without it bothering you.

3. Squat

You’ll notice every person you know that trains at the gym will rave about squats. Whether they are squatting with their own body weight or carrying barbells or dumbbells, squats won’t just create stronger legs.

They will also make the entire body stronger and more durable. Just like all other exercises, when done incorrectly, squats can very easily lead to injury or other consequences.

You need to start slowly, use light weights and make sure you’re exercising with the right form and technique. When done correctly, your legs will continuously tear and build new muscle tissue. Upper body strength is meaningless if you have tired and weak legs.

4. Deadlifts

Similar to squats, gym junkies will rave about the deadlift as it is one of the best exercises for building muscle, burning fat and improving posture. Unlike the squat, deadlift doesn’t just activate your legs but is just as focused towards your back, shoulders, and arms too.

Deadlifts work the entire body all at once, which can make this workout extremely intense. This is why it’s advisable always to start light and slowly ease yourself into it. Deadlifts encourage the body to stand upright, by activating muscles in the legs and your back.

As your strength and endurance develop from this exercise, your body will be encouraged to maintain correct posture, even when you’re not working out.

5. Chin Ups

Similar to push-ups, this exercise can be done without any added weight. Carrying your body weight is the key to performing this exercise. All chin-ups require is for you to lift yourself off the ground while holding onto a bar with your arms.

Chin-ups are so crucial for posture as the actual movement of this exercise, encourages you to keep your shoulders back, stick your chest out, and keep your back straight.

By developing the upper body strength, your spine will start to correct its shape, and your upper body strength will make it easier for you to hold up perfect posture without the need to slouch for comfort.

Keep in Mind

Improve Your Posture With Compound Exercises

Just like most other exercises, you need to make sure you’re medically fit to start weight lifting and resistance training. If you have a medical condition or are coming back from a recent injury, its always best to get advice from your doctor, chiropractor or health advisor.

Unlike going for a walk or a swim, compound weight training can be quite intense even for the most experienced, that’s why its crucial to be medically cleared.

If you’re a beginner and want to know more about compound weight lifting or gym in general, it may be a good idea to go with a friend who is experienced, hire a personal trainer or do some research.

One of the worst mistakes people make when going to the gym is exercising without knowing the correct form, technique, and planning for their workout. This often leads to injury. So before you decide to add any exercise regime into your life, assess and plan before you jump into it.

When to see a doctor?

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