Massage is a great way of looking after your body and general health. Often times massage can seem like an unnecessary luxury that costs quite a bit of money. But you’ll be surprised how underrated it is.

Massage can bring many benefits to people with certain medical conditions or even to people who don’t suffer from any specific aches.

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Whether you’re a person with good health or someone who suffers from an illness, a woman or a man, young or old, massage is for everyone.

The Health Benefits of Massage

Health Benefits of Massage

Even though massage will never be as important as exercise and dieting, regular and high-quality massage can supplement extremely well with a healthy lifestyle. Here are 6 health benefits of massage that you should know.

1. Muscle Tension Release

Tense and tight muscles lead to poor posture, difficulty sleeping or relaxing and can also cause problems when performing physical tasks. Massage is a fantastic way to stretch your muscles and relieve any built-up tension they may have accumulated during the day.

2. Improved Joints and Flexibility

Massages improve joint movement and flexibility and can actually reverse the effects of poor posture or staying seated for too long. Limbering your body through stretching is a great way to relieve tension and loosen joints, however, massages are more efficient and relaxing.

3. Relaxation to Reduce Anxiety

Though the actual act of massage can sometimes be painful for the person receiving it, the pain is a measure of how well it’s actually working.

When joints and muscles are stretched and relieved of any tension accumulated by physical activity or sedentary periods, your body will actually feel better, relaxed and relieves any stress you may have. The act of massaging can also be therapeutic for reducing anxiety.

4. Better Sleep

You’ll notice that after getting massages, you just want to rest. That’s not because of fatigue, but because your body feels so relaxed and refreshed because massages can relieve any tension or joint pains. This allows your body to relax more easily and give you better sleep.

5. Works For Medical Conditions

Depend on what type of massage you take, you can also benefit from it medically.

People who suffer from high blood pressure can benefit from particular massages as they help to regulate and increase blood circulation.

People who have chronic back pain or joint problems also often rely on massage therapy to improve their condition. Massage can also benefit people who suffer from arthritis.

6. Enhance Athletic Performance

While loosened joints and muscles can help you rest better, it will also help you to perform better. One of the main purposes of massages is that it prepares and limbers the body for physical performance.

Sometimes to perform at a high level, stretching may not be enough. Having regular massages will help your muscles and joints to function better, offer you more flexibility and can also protect you from cramp or suffer serious injury.

Different Types of Massage

Health Benefits of Massage

Some massages are tailored for relaxation, while others are tailored towards medical conditions such as high blood pressure and chronic pain. Let’s find out different types of massage available.

1. Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is often used to target muscle problems. The intense nature of this type of massage is to develop improved motion and better overall posture. Deep tissue massage also helps to improve blood flow. However, it is specifically used to relieve muscle and joint pains.

2. Sports Massage

Sports massage will typically involve stretching the whole body, working tender areas to improve range of motion and flexibility. It can also help to build up endurance.

This type of massage is particularly tailored to prevent athletes from getting injured and ensuring they can perform at the best levels. However, this type of massage also works for anyone with sore or tense joints and muscles.

3. Swedish Massage

This is the best type of massage for most people. This massage is designed to help increase blood flow through the body to ease muscles and joints, as well as to relieve any tensions.

Swedish massages can range from low intensity to high intensity depending on your personal pain threshold. This means that the average person and most ages can enjoy this one.

4. Sleep Massage

This massage is particularly designed to prepare you for an irritation-free and relaxed sleep. This form of massage encourages full body relaxation and foot reflexology. Sleep massage can also be therapeutic and is known to decrease stress and anxiety.

5. Prenatal Massage

This is for pregnant women that are looking to ease the pain or discomfort during pregnancy period. Prenatal massages can help to reduce anxiety, improve mood, as well as sleep. These are all important to have during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women also experience intense swelling in their feet and ankles, and massage can help redistribute fluid that pools in the lower body. This will help to alleviate cramping, swelling or discomfort in the lower body.

However, you need to keep in mind that before you decide to get massages, you need to check with your medical practitioner if it is okay to do so because any mistakes or accidents during a massage can be fatal to you and your unborn child.

Things to Keep in Mind

Health Benefits of Massage

Massage is extremely good for health, but only in moderation and safe practicing. Massages that are not done correctly or more often than you need can actually bring negative effects to your health.

You need to have a good understanding of your pain threshold as well as understanding why you need it. If you are unsure which type of massage is most suitable for you, it is best to speak with your medical practitioner on how to add massage into your lifestyle.

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