Weightlifting has become a popular activity and sport for people of all ages. What makes weight lifting and resistance training so popular is its ability to provide numerous benefits ranging from mental to physical health. People who regularly train at gyms usually have their own goals. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, building self-esteem or just improving your general health, weight lifting is a healthy form of physical activity and leisure.

However, it is important to train properly, using the correct form and planning your workouts. Though the average person can perform weight training exercises, there can be costly mistakes if you are not prepared or plan your workouts carefully.

Here are five common mistakes men make and should avoid when in the gym.

1. Not Warming Up

Skipping a warm up and jumping straight into training without the necessary warm-ups needed for your body can be a very dangerous mistake. As heavy lifting and resistance training applies pressure to certain muscle groups, without warming up your body, this can cause extreme tension in your body or particular muscle group.

Your body needs to be adjusted, prepared and ready before you undertake your routine. Good warm up practices include stretching certain muscles you’re focusing on training. Warming up with light cardio to get your body moving and limbered up is also helpful in preparing for your workout.

2. Lacking Discipline In Dieting

You can’t out-train a bad diet. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, you need to manage your calories. This means that no matter how many calories you burn inside the gym, needs to be balanced with the calories you consume outside of it.

Reaching your health goals will always depend on what happens in the gym as well as the kitchen. To achieve optimal results from training in the gym needs to be supplemented by discipline and a balanced diet plan.

3. Not Planning Workouts

Though this may seem like a typical practice most people should do, many men walk into the gym with only the intention of training a specific muscle group. This results in workouts being less intense, less organised and therefore the session will not be effective.  

By planning your workouts, you will be able to achieve the goals you set out. This keeps you accountable as you can also record your progress and stop yourself from doing those exercises that you are comfortable with and challenging yourself by doing new exercises.

4. Not Stretching Enough

Stretching your body doesn’t only make your workouts better, but also prevents you from serious injury. By stretching your body correctly, your body will be able to perform at a higher level; muscles will feel stronger and more flexible.

This also prevents soreness after training. By not stretching your muscles, this creates the risk of cramping or more fatal during weight-lifting or sports.

5. Lifting With Your Ego

No matter what your goals are, or whether you’re satisfied or unsatisfied with your results, it would help if you were realistic with the goals you set for yourself. Common mistakes people make in the gym is that they lift what they think they need to lift or want to lift, without any other careful reasoning other than trying to be stronger than the person next to them.

This mentality only makes them us feel intrinsically better about ourselves. By doing this and not thinking practically, your workouts could turn into unnecessary injuries and accidents. Lifting weights heavier than your body can handle is one of the most common causes of accidents in the gym.

By creating long-term goals, scheduling your sessions and planning your workouts will keep the amount of weight or resistance in your exercises in check. If you plan on increasing weights in your exercises, seek someone who can spot you or start with lighter weights before going heavier.

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