While belly fat does not look particularly enticing, it is also very unhealthy. Belly fat can lead to heart disease, diabetes type 2, and many other health conditions. 

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Fortunately, belly fat can be “trimmed” with the help of high soluble fibre foods. Soluble fibre mixes with water to form substances that slow down the digestion of the food to your gut. Soluble fibre can also help you to prevent and lose belly fat. Additionally, these fibres also help you to feel full and lessen the urge to eat, which leads to lesser calorie intake. 

These are the seven high soluble fibre foods that you can try to lose your belly fat. 

1. Black Beans

food to Lose Belly Fat

Among the other top high soluble fibre foods, black beans are probably the most famous one. It is also deemed as the world’s healthiest food by WHFoods.org. 

One substance in black beans called pectin helps to delay stomach emptiness and the urge to eat more. While it is an effective use against belly fat, black beans also reduce the chance of getting diabetes type 2. 

Experts recommend around 15 grams (one cup) of black beans intake per day to help lose the big belly and eventually lose your weight. 

2. Avocados 

food to Lose Belly Fat

Originating from Mexico, avocados are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, potassium, vitamin E, and also dietary fibre. Monounsaturated fats can help control blood sugar levels more effectively than high-carbs. 

Similar to black beans, avocados contain healthy fats that encourage your body to feel full for a more extended period of times. 

3. Chia seeds

food to Lose Belly Fat

The name chia seeds is not a strange name anymore due to the amount of attention this superfood has been getting for the past few years. Chia seeds contain a high amount of proteins that not only helps you to feel less hungry but also helps you to build up your muscles and reduce body fats in many ways. 

Additionally, the omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial in burning the fat in your belly and inhibiting inflammation-induced weight gain. 

4. Raspberry 

food to Lose Belly Fat

We all have a fat-burning hormone called adiponectin that helps us naturally prevent excess fat, including the one located in the belly. However, this hormone can only work if we eat healthy meals. 

Raspberry ketones can support adiponectin. These ketones have been proven by many scientists and food experts to stimulate adiponectin release and prevent the fatty liver from developing. 

5. Broccoli 

food to Lose Belly Fat

Very few vegetables contain calcium and broccoli is one of the vegetables that contain calcium used to increase fat loss. Additionally, broccoli’s high amount of soluble fibre helps feed the good bacteria in your gut, and these bacteria can continue to produce fatty acids to promote body muscle and weight loss. 

6. Figs

food to Lose Belly Fat

For those of you who are not yet familiar with figs, they are considered as a type of mulberry fruits that originates from India. It also goes by another name called Anjeer. The taste of figs is sweet, and it can serve as a healthier alternative to sugar, which is one of the main culprits that cause belly fat. 

For more information about high soluble fibre foods or healthy dietary plans to lose weight in general, you can visit a doctor to know which food is the best for you. 

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