Exercise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea — certain types of exercise appeal to certain kinds of people. Since exercising is essential to your health, you might need to find the perfect exercise that you can enjoy.

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Here are five types of sports that are perfect for those who are adventurous. 

1. Surfing

types of sports for adventurous

This extreme watersport is perfect for you beach lovers who love to travel. For newbies, surfing can burn up to 208 calories per hour. The core of surfing is to work out your paddling technique.

Additionally, surfing is not only a sport about burning calories and catching waves. It would help if you learned about the pattern, direction, and strength of the tide. It is an extreme water sport that requires both your brain and your muscle.

2. Mountain biking

types of sports for adventurous

Not a fan of the beach? Not a problem! There are a few sports that you can try while taking in the scenery of the mountains. One of the sports that you may enjoy is mountain biking.

There are no exact guidelines on how many calories you burn per hour for mountain biking. It all depends on the terrain and your body weight. If you weigh 65kg, you can burn up to 528 calories on moderately steep terrain. 

3. Hiking

types of sports for adventurous

Hiking is the most common sports that most adventurous people do. The level of tiredness for this sport varies depending on the location of the hike.

While it may sound normal, hiking also dramatically improves the condition of your mental health. This is due to the beautiful scenery that you take during walking. Additionally, while hiking, you tend to focus on your surroundings and not necessarily on the exercise itself.

A person who weighs 72 kg may burn up to 430 – 440 calories per hour. However, this also depends on the weight of your carrier. 

4. Kayaking

types of sports for adventurous

Think this sport is not very challenging? You might want to rethink as kayaking can get pretty extreme depending on the current of the water.

Similar to surfing, you can also catch a wave when kayaking, although not too many people would go for this.

Both surfing and kayaking share several similarities. Kayaking and surfing require your body muscle to keep your balance. Additionally, both also use arm muscles dominantly for paddling — the calories that you can burn while kayaking is around 450 calories per hour. 

5. Scuba diving

types of sports for adventurous

Scuba diving is perfect for those who enjoy the beautiful habitat underwater. It is a laid-back exercise that burns your calories without you realising it.

In diving, you focus more on your breathing rather than moving your arms or feet. You only kick occasionally depending on where you would like to navigate and the current.

When you dive, your breath controls your buoyancy, and you need to manage your breathing underwater. Scuba diving can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

These are the types of sports that you can try if you are seeking an alternative to your current workout. Additionally, you can also visit Okadoc app to consult a medical practitioner that can help you adjust your workouts to your health condition.