Back pain is something a lot of people experience, particularly in the older ages. Not only is back pain annoying, but it can limit your quality of life when trying to perform simple movements or tasks.

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Apart from wondering the cause of the back pain in the first place, the biggest thing we ask ourselves is whether its permanent or if there is a solution for the pain.

The answer really depends on the cause and severity of the back pain, but luckily there are exercise solutions to help you improve the condition and minimize the severity of the pain, which we’ll discuss today. 

Exercises You Can Try to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

1. Partial Crunches

Partial crunches are a variety of a traditional stomach crunch, designed to improve abdominal muscles and strength. However, it can also build strength in the lower back region, making it ideal for people with back pain. 


  • Lie down with your back touching the floor and keep your feet flat on the ground with your bent knees pointing up. Keep your stomach muscles tight and gently raise your upper body off the ground and squeeze the abdomen.
  • As it is partial crunches, only raise your upper body high enough to get your shoulders and upper back off the ground. Repeat the repetition until you can feel the effect on your abs and lower back.

2. Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring stretches will build strength in your legs and lower body and can improve the condition of your lower spine. 


  • Lay on the ground with your back with one knee bent. With a towel or exercise band, thread it below your unbent leg pull back each end of the towel or exercise band gently until you can feel the strain in your hamstrings.
  • Hold the position for at least 15-30 seconds before repeating on the other side.

3. Knee to Chest

Another exercise that is for your lower body and can benefit your lower spine, knee to chest is a great way to relieve lower back pain as its safe and can be done at any intensity.


  • Lie on your back and put your feet flat on the ground with your knees sticking up.
  • Draw your right need to your chest while keeping the left foot on the floor.
  • Hold the position for 15-30 seconds, or until you can feel a burn before interchanging to the opposite leg.

4. Wall Sits

Wall sits great for lower back pain as well as strengthening your core and legs. They can be conveniently done anywhere.


  • Lean your back against the wall with your legs bent. Your glutes and calves should be at a 90-degree bend as if you are sitting on a chair.
  • Keep your back and shoulders pressed against the wall and hold the position until you can feel the strain in your lower back and legs.
  • Gradually you will be able to last longer, an indicator that your lower back and legs are becoming stronger.

5. Pilates

Pilates is effective in relieving lower back pain and any other pain you may be feeling in your joints, muscles and other parts of your body. Pilates is a routine exercise that helps with flexibility, mobility, endurance, and core strength.

Pilates can be performed with or without equipment and can be done at a lighter intensity with those with lower back pain or for beginners. Te best way to start pilates is to go to a health centre and join a class with a dedicated instructor.

6. Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise to move joints, muscles and get all your ligaments active. Not only is swimming a good cardio exercise, but it can also help improve your mobility, flexibility, endurance, and strength.

If you have a bad back, be mindful to take it nice and slow at the start as swimming entails your body to make a lot of quick and sudden twists and turns which may not be suitable for your back at high intensities.

7. Yoga

Yoga is great for building endurance as well as improving the muscle in your back and promote better overall posture. Yoga entails holding specific poses that strengthen certain parts of the body.

There are certain yoga poses that can help to strengthen your lower back and relieve pain. Its movements are also very gentle and slow, which is safe for people with very sensitive back. 

When to See a Doctor?

Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Some types of back pain only last a while. More serious back pain is when the pain is severe or does not subside over time.

When this is the case, speak with your doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to identify what the causes are and give point you in the right direction in terms of treatments and what you should do.

Seeing a chiropractor is also a good option, however, the controversy around how beneficial chiropractic treatment really is, you should speak with your doctor about it first.

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