There is no doubt that food fuels our body to fulfill its daily activities, which is true especially when it includes caring for a newborn and breastfeeding right after labor.

Pregnant women usually think about all the necessary details concerning their babies, but they tend to abandon the importance of the first meals right after giving birth.

Whether wanting to lose the gained weight, eat healthily to get more energy, or boost lactation it is important to know what to eat.

Which Foods To Eat?

If you don’t know what to eat, we picked some quick, easy yet extremely healthy and beneficial foods for you:

  • Salmon

Salmon, like other fish oils, is high in DHA, a form of fat. DHA is important for your baby’s nervous system growth. DHA is found in all breast milk, but levels are higher in the milk of women who consume more DHA in their diets.

  • Oatmeal

Make sure you’re eating plenty of fiber-rich foods. Oatmeal is another gentle carb that is relatively bland. It’s also known as a galactagogue, which helps to increase breast milk production.

  • Eggs

Eggs are a versatile way to satisfy the body’s protein needs on a regular basis. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, scramble a couple of eggs, toss a hard-boiled egg or two on your salad, or have an omelet. Choose DHA-fortified eggs to increase the amount of this important fatty acid in your milk.

  • Low-fat dairy products

Dairy items have a major role in a healthy post-labor and breastfeeding diet. They are one of the best sources of calcium, in addition to supplying protein and B vitamins. If you’re breastfeeding, your milk is high in calcium, which aids in the development of your baby’s bones. You can consume any of your favorite products such as yogurt, milk, or cheese.

  • Dates

Consuming dates shortly after birth, decreases substantially blood loss and hemorrhaging They’re also a great source of refined sugar, which can help you regain your energy quickly after labor.

  • Chicken Soup

Lactating women, on average, need an extra liter of fluid a day than non-lactating women. That is why even if you drink the right amount of water it may not be enough.

Chicken soup is an ideal post-birth meal. The hydrating and salty broth naturally replenishes electrolytes, while the bland carb-laden noodles ease you into feeding.

When To See A Doctor?

If you need a specialist opinion regarding your post-labor diet and nutrition plan, go to or download our Mobile App and book an appointment with a Dietetics & Nutrition doctor instantly.

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