Although losing weight is often associated with the amount of food or calories that you take, it is also about choosing the right and healthiest food.

Breakfast food, for example, is necessary to lose weight as it activates your thermogenesis and stimulates your metabolism.

Here are five breakfast foods that you can consume while trying to lose weight.


Oat is known for its low calories, high fibre and high protein content. By consuming oats in the morning, your body will feel less hungry by the afternoon. The high fibre in oats can make you feel full longer. Additionally, oatmeal is a great source of beta-glucan that does not spike blood sugar up.


Eggs are a good source of food that will assist in weight loss. Eggs contain a very high source of protein and similar to oats, eggs may keep you full longer. Like with any other food, you need to exercise regularly for weight loss and the absorption potential benefits of protein.


Similar to eggs, yoghurt is an excellent source of protein. A bowl of plain yoghurt in the morning can reduce your calorie intake by 100 on the same day because eating a cup of yoghurt makes you feel full longer.

Some people consume plain yoghurt with a little bit of syrup or sugar. This is not advised as the whole strategy of losing weight is to reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

Try substituting sugar with berries or bananas if you need a little sweetness in your plain yoghurt.


Smoothies are packed with a great variety of healthy nutrients. Smoothies can be made from a mix of yoghurt, fruits, vegetables, and seeds (chia seeds or flaxseeds).

Although smoothies are perfect to mix healthy ingredients, it can be a disaster if you put in too many high-calorie ingredients. Fruits, in general, contain carbs that also affect your blood sugar levels. Combining too many fruits in one smoothie bowl can make you gain more weight because it contains a lot of natural sugars. Avocados, for example, are one of few fruits with very low carb, thus making it one of the perfect ingredients for a weight-loss smoothie bowl.


Not only are kiwis high in vitamin C and potassium, but kiwis are also a great source of fibres.

Compared to bananas, kiwi has a specific fibre called pectin that promotes the feeling of fullness.

If you are unsure of which types of foods that are perfect for your breakfast, you can read more under this category in the Okadoc blog.