From freshwater and saltwater fishes to deep water shellfishes, seafood is a known and loved delicacy from around the world. However, is seafood good for health? Here are the top 5 health benefits that you get when you consume seafood.

Healthy Heart

On average, seafood provides 2% lesser saturated fat. The lesser amount of saturated fat is great to lower your cholesterol level.

However, that is not the only reason why seafood is significantly good for heart health. As Omega-3 fatty acid can easily be found in fishes, it is also present in other types of seafood. The omega-3 fatty acid is responsible for reducing cardiovascular diseases.

Improve Eyesight

The omega-3 fatty acid found in fish is excellent for improving eyesight. For adults, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and other types of omega-3 fatty acid can help reduce the occurrence of any eye diseases.

Boosts Brain Power

DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in the Omega-3 fatty acid are the main components of the cell membrane and have anti-inflammatory properties.

A study from the Institute for Nutrition Research proves that EPA and DHA are useful to improve intelligence and brain functions of babies. In adult cases, these fatty acids preserve cell membrane health and facilitate communication between brain cells.

EPA and DHA can also reduce memory loss and have been trialled in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Promotes Healthy Skin

The fatty acid found in seafood promotes healthier skin due to the anti-inflammatory properties. It can also lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin are great for your skin health.

Seafood is rich in vitamin D that can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Vitamin D also helps your skin to regenerate against free radicals.

Improves Immunity

It’s not commonly known that shellfish in significant quantities can improve your immune system as it is packed with zinc.

Although zinc can promote a healthy immune system, it’s important to note that zinc should be consumed moderately. For adult males, the average consumption of zinc is limited to 11 mg per day, while for adult females it should be 8 mg. Too much consumption of zinc can inhibit your immune system.

There are many other great health benefits of eating seafood. To understand which type of seafood is perfect for your body, you can consult with dietary experts from Okadoc online.