Feeling insecure about being short? Are you constantly finding ways to make yourself appear taller? Well, don’t feel that you’re alone because there are people all over the world who feel the same. Your height is most likely just due to your genetic make-up and is completely out of your control.

If that’s the case, does that mean we have to accept our heights forever? Are there lifestyle and dietary changes we can do to increase our height? Well, the answer is yes and no. But that doesn’t mean we should all lose hope. Let’s break down how diet and exercise can affect our height.

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Nearing the end period of puberty, people are very likely to stop growing. And no amount of exercise or diet can trigger another growth spurt past this age. The reason why your height stops increasing is that your growth plates in your bones, also known as epiphyseal plates begin to close up and harden.

During puberty, these growth plates remain open and can actively make your bones longer, wider and can help you appear taller. Near the end of puberty, these plates will close up and harden, marking the end of your height growth. For females, these plates close up around 16 years of age and around 18 years of age for males.

What to do to Enhance Your Height

Diet and Exercise

Although no exercise or diet can make you grow taller, there are things that you can do to enhance your height and appearance. Here are natural ways you can enhance your height by changing your lifestyle. 

1. Eat healthily

People who are already naturally short can make it even worse by not eating enough or getting the nutrients that the body needs to grow. Especially during childhood, it’s important to reach the daily recommended intake of important nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc. This is important during the growing stages for children looking to reach their genetic height potential.

2. Maintain posture

Slouching or not watching your posture when sitting or standing, will make you appear shorter as curving your spine and slouching your shoulders will also cause back complications if you don’t correct it. Whether sitting or standing, always hold your shoulders back, keep your back straight and pump your chest out. It will also make you feel more confident. 

3. Strength training

Resistance and strength training can benefit you in many ways. Not only does having more muscle and strength help you hold proper posture more easily, but it also enhances your physique and can boost your self-esteem. 

4. Maintain a healthy body weight

If your body is carrying an excessive amount of weight, it can put a toll on your bones as well as your general wellbeing. It can lead to poor posture as well as making you feel more self-conscious if you’re already short in height.

Maintaining a healthy weight can make your physique look well balanced regardless of your height, and for younger children, it allows for bones to grow without resistance. 

5. Get regular check-ups with the doctor

Particularly if you suffer from a health condition that affects your height, you should check-up with your doctor to make sure that any health conditions are addressed early, so you have every chance to grow your height to its full potential.

Advice for Toddlers, Children, and Teenagers

Diet and Exercise

If you are the parent of a growing child, this is something to take note of. Genetics is the main factor in your height and overall build, but lifestyle changes you can make before and while you are growing through puberty can help you reach your height and genetic potential.

So if your children are currently growing, make sure they are eating well, exercising plenty and getting enough rest on a daily basis. By not doing these things, they are at risk of not being able to grow into their full potential and can become too late once they enter adulthood.

Accepting your Height

Self-consciousness and low self-esteem are probably at its worst in human history. We are quick to judge and quick to compare ourselves with others. Physical features, including height, are a cause for such a negative way of thinking.

You have to remember that you, those around you and everyone else in the world all have differences. When it comes, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, ideal or non-ideal height. Once you accept that it’s okay to be short or tall, you won’t even care about ways you can become taller.

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