No matter what your health goals are, body type or preference of physical activity, weightlifting can do wonders for your physique and health. There is a stigma and assumption that lifting weights is purely for building muscle, and weightlifting is purely a sport for men.

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However, apart from adding muscle mass, weightlifting can benefit all parts of your body and can be performed by anyone. Unless you have a physical condition or health complication where you can’t participate in physical activities, weightlifting might be what you need to help you look and feel better.

Benefits of Weightlifting

Benefits of Weightlifting

1. Better endurance and strength

Though this can be considered the most obvious benefit of weightlifting, its enough reason as to why you should start. Better strength and endurance is required of you every single day. And by developing them, ‘you’ll be able to perform daily tasks with more ease and less stress.

This is also known as resistance training. Weightlifting is not something that benefits you instantly. ‘It’s what builds up over time that’s most important. Endurance and strength are focal to that point.

2. Build muscle mass while burning fat

The increase of muscle mass, will, in turn, reduce the level of fat in your body. This is because your body is increasing in metabolism. Muscle is an active tissue that continues to work even when you are at rest.

The more your body has, the more fat ‘you’ll burn at a quicker rate. Getting your muscle and fat ratio correct can significantly reduce your waistline while improving your overall physique.

3. Better bone and joint health

After the age of 30, the density in your bones will naturally start reducing. Without the proper treatment and care, this will turn into osteoporosis. A disease where your bones will drastically reduce in density and bones will crack and shatter.

Weightlifting can decrease this as bones are challenged continuously. Like the brain, bones and joints need to be tested for them to stay sharp. In other words, use it before you lose it.

4. Improved posture

Weightlifting can reverse poor posture as it makes you push, pull and hold muscles and joints to hold in their correct position. Doing this over long periods as well as being consistent, will trigger your body to hold up incorrect positions.

The development of muscles and endurance also makes it easier for you to hold correct postures without having the need to slouch.

5. Boosts confidence

All forms of exercise will boost your confidence, and weightlifting is one of the best at that. Cardio exercises that get your blood pumping help to release endorphins into the brain.

This type of hormone makes you ”feel good” and enhances your mood. Not only does bodybuilding provide the same effect, but it helps tone your body and keeps you in great shape. ‘There’s no doubt it will boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Benefits of Weightlifting

1. Are you healthy enough?

If you have a health condition or medical complication, certain forms of weightlifting may not be suitable for you. As lifting weights can be very demanding, you need to ensure your body is capable of handling the workload and intensity.

If you are unsure as to whether your physical or health condition is affecting your life, speak with your doctor before picking up any new sports or physical activities.

2. Do you know how to train properly?

Proper form and technique is the most important aspect of weightlifting. Injury is a common issue when you train without the correct technique, preparation, and knowledge.

If you are new to this form of exercise, it is highly recommended you do some study about the different types of weightlifting. Better yet, train with a personal trainer or friend who has experience and is able to spot you during your workouts.

3. Can you maintain your diet?

As with all types of exercise, ‘they’re practically useless if you aren’t eating right. If you ‘aren’t meeting your recommended intake of healthy nutrients, ‘you’re not going to get the most of your workouts, and you will slow down your progress.

On top of that, you ‘won’t have the essential nutrients to help you recover after workouts as well as getting the energy you need before your train. Dieting is just as important as training.

4. Where can you find the best advice?

As weightlifting has its fair share of consequences, accidents, and inefficiencies when not practised correctly, it’s always good to be able to refer to other people for advice. You can get help in regards to your technique, form, dieting as well as goal setting.

With the number of resources, approaches, and opinions, ‘it’s easy to get confused or encountering false information. Always seek advice from a professional trainer and/or even your doctor.

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