While exercise at they gym is prohibited at this pandemic time, you can still exercise at your backyard or in your living room. Aerobic exercise is one of the top choices to stay fit as well as lose weight.

Aerobic exercise is also known as cardio exercise. It is the type of exercise with cardiovascular conditioning. This type of exercise helps your cardiovascular system healthy because your breathing and heart rate will increase during this exercise.

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It is because this exercise uses fat over carbohydrates during the workout. You can do the aerobic exercises for a sustained period of time to enjoy its benefits to your body. American Heart Association recommends adults to do aerobic exercises five or more days in a week for 30 minutes or more in each exercise.

Here are 5 aerobic exercises you can try at home to stay fit and lose weight.

1. Skipping / Jump Rope

Skipping is a great indoor activity for all ages. It can help you to develop better body awareness, increase agility and hand-foot coordination.

Skipping can also burn many calories too! Up to 450 calories for 45 minutes. This exercise will utilize and enhance the muscles on your calves, shoulders, quads and glutes.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is a total body workout that can help burn fat all over your body, including the belly area. This exercise also can impact your quads, shoulder, calves, lower and upper back, groin, hamstring, abs and outer thighs.

Jumping jack can helps you burn more calories too. 30 minutes of doing jumping jack can help you burn about 200 calories.

3. Mountain Climber

This exercise provide a complete cardio and abdominal training if done properly. The mountain climber exercise works your abs, hips, glutes and legs.

It also can help strengthen and tone your muscles and burn fat. To get its maximum benefit, it is necessary to perform right plank position, then bring your right knee up to your chest, then back out again as if you are ‘running’ against the floor.

Begin with a slower pace then increase it gradually. Do 8-10 repetitions per set.

4. Squat Jacks

This exercise is not only help you burn more calories, but also great exercise for your lower body and help improve your posture and cardiovascular endurance.

How to do squat jacks properly? Jump and spread your feet while you settle into a squat position, jump back up and return to the starting position. Do 8–15 repetitions for each set.

5. Stair Training

If your house has upper level, you can utilize your stairs for exercise. This aerobic exercise targets your lower body; your hamstring, calves, quads and glutes. This training also will boost your cardiovascular system as well as burn lots of calories.

You can walk up and down your stairs for 10-20 minutes at a steady pace, then gradually the speed and your exercise time.

Don’t forget to always warm up 5-10 minutes before starting any exercise to avoid any injury or muscle strain. You can always talk to your doctor too to find out the best aerobic exercise routine for you.

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