For most people, health isn’t always the number one priority in life, but social life is. And though there are some negative points to this type of thinking, it’s understandable why. Neglecting your health should never be considered when trying to become more sociable amongst others.

Some people find absolute joy in socialising with others and looking to have a good time with family and friends. This is completely normal and good for your mental health. According to UAE publication’ Gulf News’, 60% percent of adults in the UAE exercise an average of 3 times per week, while 24% prefer to play team sports that involve others.

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Socialising with others can take away stress and tension as well as help you to stay calm. However, you should not let your fitness levels be compromised by doing this. If it means becoming less active or skipping physical activity routines just so you can socialise with others, then it’s definitely not worth it.

Fortunately for you, here are a few fun activities that will not only get you to socialise and spend time with family and friends but can also get you physically active and help you to reach your health goals.

1. Ball Sports

fun activities to stay fit and social

Ball sports are perfect as most of them require more than just one person to play. Depending on the particular sport you decide to play, it can be competitive, force you to work as a cohesive team or even just for pure fun. Sports such as tennis, football and basketball can be played at high intensity or low intensity.

The choice is yours, and no matter how you decide to play it, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to engage with others and make new friends while you’re at it.

2. Going to the Gym

fun activities to stay fit and social

Yes, gyms can be a very private and seldom form of exercise; however, it can be quite fun and productive when done in pairs or even groups. Going to the gym to lift weights can benefit your health in many ways, but training in groups can help you to become a little more competitive, push you to your limits as well as having someone to spot you from making a mistake or accident that can cause injury.

It also gives you a chance to learn and compare your technique with others. Going to the gym is one of the best physical activities of bonding with others and bodybuilding still being quite an unpopular sport, it’s always nice to have a company with similar interests.

3. Gardening

fun activities to stay fit and social

Gardening is actually one of the most underrated physical activities you can find. Most people believe it is a job for the elderly and that it can sometimes be seen as another household chore. However, gardening can improve your health in several ways and is also another way of engaging with others and getting social while you’re at it.

You’ll notice gardening requires a lot of energy as you’re moving around, stretching your arms and legs as well as occasionally lifting buckets and squatting. This is great in helping you build core strength, strengthen leg muscles, stretch out joints as well as giving you some fresh air outside.

Gardening is also very peaceful and can be done at your own pace. It is also the perfect opportunity to ask for the assistance of another person. Whether it be your friend or family member, it is an excellent opportunity to have meaningful conversations while also being productive.

4. Joining a Sports Team

fun activities to stay fit and social

No matter what age you are, there is a sports club just for you. And a lot of these clubs were specifically made for socialising in mind. Whether it’s for children, young adults or even the elderly, there are people within your demographic with the same interests as you, having a desire to socialise with others as well as getting physically active in the process.

You can join a sports team at the gym, at a recreational centre, a sports club or even at school. This is the perfect place for you to engage with others, meet new people while also learning how to work with others. You will develop skills in how to be competitive with others, how to work in a team with others, and how to communicate with one another through physical activity.

Enrolling in a sports team does not only improve your health but puts you in a position where you have to socialise with other people. This is perfect for trying something new and making new friends in the process.

5. Camping

fun activities to stay fit and social

Having a traditional camping trip is one of the best ways to truly get to know the people participating with you as well as testing your physical limits. Camping can include hiking, hunting, travelling long distances as well as trekking through unfamiliar territory and facing new physical obstacles.

Camping is perfect for team building, developing physical stamina and endurance, as well as improving social and communication skills. Depending on the type of camping you’re having, it may require you to do some heavy lifting. Climbing, running, or low intensity walking. These are all good for building up muscle strength as well as improving your cardiovascular system.

Camping isn’t just challenging but can also be great fun. Not only can it become competitive, but it can truly develop your relationship with others who are going on the trip with you.

Having a good social life is important, and so does maintain good health. The key here is to find a balance between both. The above activities are only suggestions and may work better for some more than others. Be creative and find different ways that work for you.

If you notice that you are lagging behind with your social life or managing your health and don’t know the solution to your problem, speak with your professional medical practitioner and he will be able to help you and put you in the right direction.

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