Diabetes type 2 is not a hereditary condition, whereas diabetes type 1 is. Most people with diabetes type 2 get it from their lifestyles. Diabetes type 2 is a condition where your body cannot produce insulin to process glucose into energy. It is also a life-long chronic condition where you might have to depend on insulin injection.

Older adults are most likely to suffer from diabetes type 2. There are several ways to prevent it. Here’s how you can prevent diabetes type 2:

Control the Sugar

The main culprit for diabetes type 2 is the excess of sugar level in your body. When you consume sugar, your body breaks down the glucose and turns it into energy. This breakdown is helped by a hormone called insulin that is produced by your pancreas.

People who tend to get diabetes type 2 (pre-diabetics) should maintain their sugar intake. The higher the amount of sugar is, the higher the glucose level in your blood that cannot be processed into energy. In addition to sugar, you should also reduce the intake of carbs.

Regular Workouts

One of the problems with diabetics is that their insulin does not function as it should be. Constant exercising can increase your insulin sensitivity to process the sugar in your blood.

Research shows that aerobic and resistance training may help in fighting off diabetes type 2.

Weight Monitoring

It is true that not everyone who is overweight or obese have diabetes. However, according to the Diabetes and Metabolism Journal published in 2018, obesity becomes a significant threat as the chance of getting diabetes type 2 from being overweight is quite high. More than 1.9 billion people in the world with a BMI (Body Mass Index) higher than 30.0kg/m2 are four times more likely to get diabetes type 2.

There are several options that you can try if you feel like you are continually gaining weight. You may try low-carb diets, increase your exercise intensity, or even maintain your eating schedule.

Drink Plenty of Water

There’s no argument that water is very neutral and even brings out a lot of favourable health conditions. Whenever you feel like you want to drink something sweet, ‘force’ yourself to drink water to quench your thirst.

By drinking more water, you can also improve your insulin function and blood sugar control.

Quit Cigarettes

Smoking has been the primary cause of various adverse health conditions. While there is no definite proof or explanation as to why cigarettes can cause diabetes, there are studies that show the correlation between the two.

In one study conducted by the British Regional Heart Study, smoking was found to increase by 44% the chance of getting diabetes type 2. Additionally, the percentage increased to 66% for people who smoke 20 cigarettes daily.

Avoid Sedentary Behaviours

It is very common for many of us to live a sedentary lifestyle. The phenomena of 9 – 5 working hours requires us to sit still in front of a monitor. While it may sound ordinary, this sedentary lifestyle that we are leading is hazardous.

Additionally, several journals published in NCBI also analyse the link between sedentary behaviours and diabetes type 2. Almost 47 studies found that sedentary behaviours increase the risk of getting diabetes type 2 by 91%.

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