Why workout is so important to us? Maybe because we spend many years of our lives sitting. Whether in schools or workplaces, when sleeping, or moving between car seats, office chairs, and sofas in our homes.

You must have heard this before: “Sport is important and can be easily integrated into our daily life”. But even though, you still don’t know exactly how to implement it!

Working out is really important, not just for its known benefits, but also to offset the busy lifestyle that we lead every day. Regular Exercising helps:

1- Improve Daily Physical Ability

Most of us can’t climb three floors using the stairs without starting to gasp, and can’t run fast for one minute before we feel extremely exhausted.

In normal conditions, we should be able to maintain a healthy life, carry out our daily tasks without falling to the ground after making some physical effort.

We don’t have to start hard; easy and short workouts such as enjoying a walk or a run in the fresh air would be quite helpful to improve our physical condition.

2- Improve Digestive Health

There is a surprising majority in all countries suffering from digestive problems, and this is due to several reasons, including the quality of the food and lifestyle.

Exercising improves digestive health because it helps to improve metabolism levels, which means that digestion becomes faster and more efficient.

When digestion becomes more efficient, this means that the body can better absorb vitamins, foods, and fluids, which promotes health even more.

3- Improve Heart Health

Heart disease today is more common than ever before and we are exposed to it much earlier than in previous generations.

Heart disorders have many causes, including genetic inheritance, and some are related to diet and lifestyle. For this reason, regular workouts and physical activity are important to improve cardiovascular health.

Weight loss and stress relief resulting from exercising boosts heart performance and helps lowering lipoprotein levels in the blood as well.

4- Reduce The Risk of Developing Chronic Diseases

Regular workout also helps to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases like cholesterol levels, excess fats in the blood (triglycerides), diabetes, or joint pain.

This is mainly because it helps burn low-density lipoprotein which is associated with atherosclerosis, heart problems, poor kidney, and organ functions.

5- Boost Mental Health

Exercising increases the level of the endorphin hormone, which is sometimes called the “Happiness Hormone” due to the feeling it gives when its levels increase in the body.

Research has also shown that chemicals boosted in the brain by exercise help reduce the severity of mental problems with age, such as Alzheimer’s.

Also, a regular workout helps reduce levels of the cortisol and light-epinephrine hormones in the body = “Stress hormones”.

This can help to overcome depression and improve mental health as well.

Need To Consult A Doctor?

If you have any medical or physical condition that prevents you from working out, do not risk your health and talk to a doctor.

Go to Okadoc.com or download our mobile app, and choose your preferred method of meeting a General Practitioner who will redirect you to the specialist you need.

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