Mediterranean diets have gained quite a lot of popularity lately. While more people are starting to realise the dangers of sugar, Mediterranean diets offer a different way to combine components of different healthy food ingredients into a delicious dish.

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The primary key ingredients to Mediterranean diets are olive oil, vegetables, fruits, and cereal products. These ingredients alone can provide you with enough energy without increasing the risk of diseases such as diabetes.

Here are a few favourite healthy Mediterranean meals that you can try.

1. Mediterranean Tuna Antipasto

Mediterranean style tuna antipasto provides high protein content and fibre. It mixes tuna and bean salad with a pinch of red pepper or cayenne.

It also excels in providing vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron. Moreover, it’s perfect for you if you are aiming to maintain a low carb diet as it only contains around 28 grams of carbohydrates.

2. Broccoli Rabe with Anchovies & Garlic Pesto

Not only healthy, but broccoli rabe is also the most famous superfood for those who want to lose weight. Although sharing a very similar name, broccoli rabe is different from broccoli. It is closer to the turnip family than broccoli.

Broccoli rabe with anchovies and garlic pesto contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. With only a 992 grams of broccoli rabe itself, you already get 350% more vitamin A compared to blackberries.

Additionally, this dish will keep you full and content as it has a high amount of fibre that works well with your digestive system.

3. Mediterranean Lentil & Kale Salad

It is true that almost all salad dishes are very healthy. What makes Mediterranean lentil and kale salad unique? Like its name, the main ingredient of this salad is lentil and kale.

Lentils can reduce blood cholesterol as it contains high soluble fibre. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases because it provides a lot of folate and magnesium.

The kale vegetable provides all the necessary vitamins needed for your body. Moreover, the most significant thing about this dish is that it only contains 6 grams of carbohydrates.

4. Low-fat Turkey Bolognese

The key to preparing a delicious yet healthy turkey bolognese is to replace the heavy cream used in a traditional bolognese sauce with milk. Adding tomato paste with a mix of red wine can also spice up the bolognese sauce.

5. Acquacotta

Acquacotta is a famous Tuscan soup that uses a variable amount of vegetables from celeries, plum tomatoes, to porcini mushrooms. Most people would add a poached egg and bread to the soup to enrich the flavour and to keep your stomach full.

To see the recipes of each dish, you can visit the Okadoc blog and learn more about healthy diets and lifestyle.