As the largest organism of our body, the skin needs to be treated appropriately. The best way to keep skin healthy is by treating it properly, hydrating it well, and not damaging it with overexposure to the sun, dirt and poor skin treatments.

Skin care may be even more important in the UAE compared to most other parts of the world. The air quality and sun-drenched emirates of the UAE means that our skin needs to constantly be protected and hydrated to maintain healthy skin.

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Whether your skin care routine is motivated by better health or narcist reasons, everyone makes skin care mistakes for sure. Here are the top 4 worst skin care mistakes almost everyone will agree on and how to fix them.

1. Popping Pimples

Pimple popping is one of the most common skin care mistakes most people will make in their lives. Depend on your skin quality and genetics, pimples usually occur during your teenage to young adult years.

Over time the pimple will pop on its own. The mistake most people make here is that they try to pop the pimple before it enlarges. This is actually extremely bad for your skin because when your pimple breaks, new skin cells will try to grow over the pimple holes.

This ends up in permanent deep scars or discoloration on your skin. Breaking pimples also pose the threat of infections as bacteria can enter the skin and cause you other health problems.


Let pimples pop naturally. Even though they may be big in appearance, by letting them run their course, and popping on their own, the chance and level of scars or skin discoloration will be less significant.

2. Use Wrong Beauty Products

skin care mistakes

As you would probably know by medical professionals, beauty experts, and online forums, every person is unique and have their own skin type.

Using products that aren’t suitable for your skin can actually cause more damage. This can cause skin dehydration, irritation or itchy skin, and in some cases inflammation or infection.

Just because someone recommends a product that works for them, doesn’t mean you will have the same result. Skin and beauty brands will develop products specifically made for certain skin types. They can be made for men, women, sensitive skin or oily skin.


Know your skin type. If you are not too sure, speak with a beauty and skin expert or your medical practitioner. Once you know your skin type, buy the most suitable skin care products for your skin.

3. Underestimating the Importance of Moisturizers

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Based on your skin type, it can be dry sometimes depends on the external environment or your personal level of hydration. Regardless of how your skin feels, moisturizer is a necessary product to keep your skin feeling flexible, supple and soft.

People who generally have oilier skin will also avoid moisturizer as they feel their face is already moist. But by making this rookie mistake, pores will produce more oil due to the dehydration of the skin.


Put on a moisturizer daily. A high-quality moisturizer should be able to lock in hydration for up to 12 hours or more. If your skin is particularly oily and already feels flexible, just apply a small amount of it.

4. Wrong DIY Skin Remedies

skin care mistakes

This is one of the most common and also one of the worst skin care mistakes people will make. This is mainly due to the influence of others, reading completely wrong information or from being experimental to various home remedies for skin care.

For examples; rubbing toothpaste to your face to stop pimples. This won’t work because it will burn your skin and cause redness. The other examples include rubbing healthy fats to provide it moisture and restore dull skin cells.

This remedy isn’t proven. In fact, it will clog pores, make your face oilier, aggravate your skin, damage your complexion and promote new breakouts.


Speak with a medical practitioner or a skin care expert on the best remedies. There are home remedies that work, you just need to find a legitimate source of information. Do not take the risk of taking advice from non-credible sources.

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