When it comes to buying skincare products, most people rely on branding, what the store salesperson suggests and what’s written on the front of the packaging. Because of this, most people are reluctant to read the fine print.

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Though most of the time you can get away with it, understanding how to read the ingredients list as well as the fine print on the back label of the product, can make a big difference in how each product affects your skin.

By understanding product labels, you can identify which products will work best for your skin as well as avoiding harmful side effects of products that don’t.

The Benefits of Understanding Skincare Product Labels

Skincare Product Labels

Most people will stick to the brands they already know works for their skin. And though that’s completely fine, there’s so many more benefits of understanding and taking the time to read skincare product labels. The benefits of doing this are:

  • Knowing what ingredients are most suitable for your skin
  • Better skincare results
  • The ability to see through product hype and marketing
  • Avoiding nasty side effects from certain ingredients
  • Getting the best value for money possible

How to Read Skincare Product Labels Properly

Skincare Product Labels

The UAE has strict rules for labelling and packaging for the distribution of cosmetic and skincare products in the country. Therefore all legitimate skincare products being sold in the UAE have proper ingredients listings, storage information and other important information on their packaging. Here are the important things to know and understand when going through skincare product labels.

1. Check the ingredients list

If you don’t have existing health complications, skin problems such as eczema or naturally dry skin, then the ingredients list probably doesn’t mean much to you. But if you have a certain allergy or skin condition, reading the ingredients list is very important.

The ingredients list for most products is listed from highest to lowest amounts of concentration. This means that the main ingredients are listed highest. Certain ingredients that are made of a strong substance are usually highlighted in bold.

2. Check for the expiration date

A lot of people look past this because they estimate the expiry date to be far ahead as most shops only sell new batches. However, you shouldn’t miss this important point as expired skincare products can negatively impact your skin.

It’s very easy for the staff at the store or the packers at the warehouse to mix old batches and so you shouldn’t suffer for it from negligence. Expiry dates are usually located with the batch code of the item. 

3. Preservation method

Preservation methods matter. Not all ingredients are the same; therefore, not all brands are the same even though the product and purpose are the same. This means preserving products properly is essential.

If they are damaged due to temperature or not storing them away properly, certain ingredients can become less potent or can even cause harm to your skin. Especially in the UAE where sunlight is abundant and soaring temperatures all year round, preserving our skincare products properly is essential.

4. Identify where its sourced

All official and legitimate products should have an address on where the product has been sourced from. It should also have contact information in case that the product is faulty or if you have any questions.

If the product has been imported. The national distributor’s information should be on the label. If the product is missing this important section, it could mean it is a counterfeit product, and you should stay well away. 

5. Don’t ignore the application instructions

Moisturizers, cleansers, serums and face masks are all straight forward products that don’t take too much study to apply. But it’s still important to read the application instructions in the fine print.

This is because all products and brands are different. Certain ingredients may require you to treat them differently in regards to the application. Reading the instruction label also means you are using the product to the best of its use.

When In Doubt

Although knowing how to read skin care product labels and how they can affect your skin, it’s always normal to still feel doubt or confusion when buying and comparing skincare products. If you are still not sure about which products work best for you, do your research by looking at online reviews and testimonials. If you have a certain skin condition and are not sure on what will work best, speak with your doctor.

Watch Out for Counterfeit Products

Skincare Product Labels

Counterfeit products are a huge industry over the world, and the UAE is no stranger to them. Though law enforcement has very strict rules over the importation and distribution of counterfeit products, they do from time to time, still make their way onto store shelves.

Be sure to do your research about products and purchasing from an authorized seller. To find out more about counterfeit cosmetics and skincare products, read our blog here.

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