Whether you’re a man or woman, teenager or elderly, healthy, glowing skin is what we always strive for. And though there are many tips, remedies and products that can help us get that type of skin, factors such as genetics, the physical environment, and other variables always get in our way.

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Especially in the UAE where the air is thick, humid and generally hot, getting that vibrant skin isn’t as easy as it sounds. Despite these difficulties, healthy, glowing skin is still achievable.

Here are 10 healthy tips for glowing skin you can try.

1. Drink water

This is the most basic yet overlooked point. Getting your recommended intake of H20 is the main foundation of healthier skin on the inside and the outside.

When the skin is dehydrated, your face will automatically become dull, fry and fatigued. By getting enough water, you’ll keep it moisturized, flexible as well as maintaining that glowing complexion.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating should be done before the cleanse. This helps to remove dead, and dry skin cells, and encourage the growth of new and healthy ones. It also removes the dirt from your skin that cleansing may not be able to reach.

3. Cleanse

This is the most necessary part of any skincare routine. As the UAE’s weather and environment can take a toll on your skin, its important to clean it at least once a day, ideally twice a day. This helps to prevent as well as remove acne, blackheads, and unclogging pores.

4. Moisturise

Most skin problems, such as blemishes occur because the skin is dirty with excess oil. Your face will naturally produce oil because your skin is most likely dehydrated. To stop this, use a moisturizer. This is usually the final stage of your skin care routine and will help to keep skin feeling balanced, flexible and supple.

5. Get enough rest

Beauty sleep is a real thing and should not be overlooked for men. Having enough rest gives your skin a chance to recover from the toils of your day, as well as recover from fatigue. This helps to minimize wrinkles as well as sagging.

6. Avoid sleeping on your face

You’ll be surprised how dirty your pillow or bed sheets can get without physically noticing it. Sleeping on your face will clog up pores with bacteria, causing acne and blackheads to develop.

7. Use a face mask

An occasional face mask is perfect for hydrating your face. Face masks are known to hydrate, stimulate the skin while removing dirt, oil, and bacteria. This is one of the best solutions to unclog pores, bring vitality and durability back to the skin, getting rid of dullness and fatigue in the process.

Most face masks will include aloe vera, tea extract, and vitamins. These are known to give your face a more radiant and vibrant glow. Doing this once a week should do the trick.

8. Focus on vitamins

Vitamin-rich foods can replenish skin cells and make them healthier. In turn, its physical appearance can significantly improve. Fruits and vegetables will help to oxygenate skin better so it can maintain hydration levels as well as a balanced appearance.

9. Avoid sun exposure

The UAE is beautiful, so don’t get me wrong. But the amount of sunlight we can pose risks to our health in multiple ways. And exposure to sunlight is one of those things. No matter how well you maintain your skin by following the above skin care tips, getting sunburnt is extremely counter-effective.

It is important always to use sunscreen to protect skin from sun damage as well as hydrating frequently. For more information on protecting your skin from sun damage, read our blog here.

10. Get a facial

Though facials can be relatively expensive, it’s one of the best ways to revitalize your skin, remove dirt and dead skin cells, and restoring your skin to its best condition. Facials are an excellent way for your skin to detox and restore your skin from poor treatment or mismanagement.

This can be done once every couple of months, or when your skin no longer copes with the above tips. There are many different types of facials. Some specialize in acne and blemishes or hydration, and some just for relaxation. Just find the facial treatment that suits you best.

We all know how frustrating it can be to obtaining the skin you want. But the key here is to remain patient and keep on practicing the healthy tips above. Though there’s nothing wrong with trial and error, speaking with your doctor or dermatologist is a great first step.

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