The society that we all belong to, and the one that is forming for our future, is heavily influenced by self-esteem, personal image as well as aesthetic appearance. The measure of success and happiness in life is based on the social image, and for women, makeup plays a big role on this.

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However, there are some women who are passionate about it and may even have makeup application as a hobby or form of leisure. No matter the reason why you use makeup, you need always to remember that managing your skin health is more important than physical appearance. So here are a few points to remember before applying make up.

1. Cleanse Well

Before Applying Makeup

Cleansing is the most crucial part of your facial care routine, regardless of whether you use makeup or not. By cleansing your face properly and consistently, you minimize the risk of breakouts, dry skin, oily skin and other issues that may come about when your face is dirty.

By having dirt or oil on your face while applying makeup, it may not apply on well to your skin, it may clog up pores and create acne, and it may even irritate the skin. Overall, your final look with makeup on may also be affected by whether your skin was cleansed correctly beforehand. Having clean skin is the perfect and best pallet for you to add your makeup on.

2. Know What Works for Your Skin

Before Applying Makeup

Every person has a different skin type. The texture, colour, moisture and overall complexion of your skin will have a significant effect on the kind of makeup you end up using. Just because a brand or product is famous, and many other people use them, doesn’t mean that they will be suitable for you.

Always ensure you properly study your skin type, what type of look you’re trying to accomplish and research what your options are. Not everything is suited for everyone.

3. Do Your Research on Brands

Before Applying Makeup

Research the different brands of makeup and cosmetics. As the beauty industry is very competitive, it’s easy to get lost and confused amongst the many brands that claim to offer the same thing.

It’s important to know what is suitable for your skin type, your complexion type, and what generally works best for you. Before you go out and spend big money on things that claim to work, check the reviews, speak with friends or with the store assistant.

4. Moisturise Often

Before Applying Makeup

Moisturize your skin the morning, at night and after you cleanse your face. Using a moisturizer for your face will prevent it from going dry, creating oil and eventuality into acne breakouts. By having a moisturized and rejuvenated face, you can apply your makeup without the worry of your face feeling too tight or dry.

5. Create Habits and Routines

Before Applying Makeup

Makeup can sometimes get confusing. As ‘there’s so many steps and processes, its easy to get confused on which goes first and what works best. ‘That’s why it’s important to document which routine works best and stick to it.

It may also mean creating habits and methods on what you do before and after applying makeup. For example, make it a routine to cleanse before adding makeup, and make it a routine to remove and wash again when taking it off.

6. Stay Hydrated

Before Applying Makeup

Having good looking skin means having healthy skin. Staying hydrated is a fundamental part of having great skin complexion. Ensure that you are drinking enough water regularly and up your consumption on hotter or dryer days. Hydrated skin means it will feel more elastic, more supple, replenished so there isn’t doesn’t look dull, and can even minimize the look of wrinkling.

Most of the above tips to remember may also work well for some women, however not all. Depending on your skin type, skin condition as well as health condition, it’s essential to ensure you are treating your skin according to your skin type.

When To See A Doctor?

If you suffer from a skin or health complication, applying makeup may not be such a good idea. If makeup inflames your skin or it reacts negatively, it’s best to speak with a specialist.

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