When it comes to beauty, keep in mind that healthy skin, body, and mind is the key and main embodiment of beauty.

By maintaining great health, shape, and lifestyle, you are improving your skin, body as well as your mood and self-esteem. There is no amount of makeup or treatments that can boost these things.

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In other words, good health is the foundation of all beauty. With that being said, here are the 5 most underrated beauty tips women often overlook when caught in the hype of the commercial beauty business:

1. Sunscreen or Moisturizers with Sunscreen

most underrated beauty tips for women

Especially in sun-drenched countries like the UAE, protecting your skin from sun exposure is important. Try using a moisturizer that contains SPF15+.

This way you don’t have to put sunscreen on top of your moisturizer. This will keep you hydrated while also protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

2. Stretching and Getting Active

most underrated beauty tips for women

Beauty is often correlated with skin. Skin health is extremely important towards physical appearance and physical activity is an awesome way to improve it.

Stretching and physical activity helps improve blood circulation. This, in turn, will improve your skin condition keeping it vibrant and flexible. Studies have also shown that physical exercise to improve skin can also decrease the level of acne or pimple breakouts you may have.

3. Clean Your Makeup Tools

most underrated beauty tips for women

This may seem like a basic tip but is often overlooked as women sometimes rush with busy schedules or have too much make-up tools and sets, making them lazy to do it.

By not regularly cleaning your make-up tools, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. By not cleaning up your tools, they can contract bacteria and this, in turn, will disadvantage the health and look of your skin.

4. Drink Water

most underrated beauty tips for women

Staying hydrated is probably the most important factor in health and beauty. Drinking enough water in the day will help keep you mentally focused, body feeling fresh and flexible while also improving your skin.

So before you consider a beauty routine or product, make sure you’re already drinking your 8-12 glasses of H20.

5. Night Routine

most underrated beauty tips for women

During the day, it’s common to wear different types of make-up. But at night time, you should sleep barefaced. After the removal of make-up for the day, this is the best time to apply hydration creams and treatments.

Using eye creams, lip balms, special moisturizers, and face masks will help to replenish your skin from the bacteria and strain of your day as well as repair your skin for the next day.

No matter what beauty routine you’re adopting or products you’re buying, always keep in mind to not overlook these underrated beauty tips. And if there’s anything you can take away from reading this is that health comes before anything. Improved health is improved beauty.

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