If you’re not the type of person who keeps up with what’s happening in the beauty or skincare industry, chances are you’re not very familiar with micellar water. In recent years, this has become a very popular product for cleansing, particularly for women.

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Micellar water is an excellent cleaning solution to keep your face clean, without the need for harsh chemicals or expensive cleanser technology. Micellar water is an affordable, versatile, widely available, and most importantly, the very effective product you can add to your routine to improve skin health. 

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar Water for Skin Health

Micellar water is made up of micelles suspended in soft water. These are oil molecules that act as a magnet to lift off dirt, oil, grime and small bacteria’s from your skin. Micellar water can also remove makeup, making it popular amongst women.

Micellar water works just like a cleanser, except you don’t need to wash it away with water, making it perfect for travel and convenience. Take a small amount into a cotton pad and wipe it on your face. You’ll notice your complexion is clean, oil-free, hydrated and feeling fresh. 

Why You Should Try Micellar Water

Micellar Water for Skin Health

1. Perfect for all skin types

Micellar water is such a great cleanser to have in your skincare line up because literally, anyone can use it. Whether you have oily, dry, wrinkly, or sensitive skin, micellar water does not irritate, aggravate, or post side effects on one’s skin.

Its a simple cleanser without any harsh chemicals and anyone who needs a good cleanser can use.

2. Convenient

Micellar water can usually be bought starting from 400ml. And that amount can last you up to 200 uses. It can be stored in the house, brought on the go, or anywhere you deem necessary.

Micellar water doesn’t require you to rinse off with water afterward, meaning, there’s essentially no pack up time or necessary routine. You can use it however times you want. Do be sure to moisturize after you use it if you have naturally dry skin. 

3. Double cleanse for your skin

Using micellar water doesn’t mean that you have to change your entire skincare routine. It’s so harmless and nonabrasive that you can add it along with your regular cleanser.

This means your face will be cleansed twice as much without any negative impact. Some may be concerned that double cleansing may lead to dry or irritated skin, but micellar water hydrates your skin, which brings us to our next point.

4. Doesn’t dry or irritate the skin

Micellar water does not irritate your skin as other cleansers do. Soaps, facial cleansers, and makeup removers often contain ingredients that can aggravate or irritate your skin.

Micelles are not only very mild, but they help to hydrate and replenish hydration levels in your skin, so in fact, it does just the opposite to skin irritation. 

5. Perfect for removing makeup

Removing makeup is probably the biggest reason why micellar water sells very well. Other makeup removal options often contain strong chemicals and alcohols which are notorious for drying and agitating sensitive skin.

Micellar water works like a magnet in safely and gently removing makeup, grime as well as dirt and oil from the face, making it a convenient, soft, and practical makeup remover.

6. Perfect for summertime

With this time of the year being the hottest in the UAE, micellar water doesn’t just work as a cleanser, but it can also help you hydrate the skin.

Micelles work great in balancing ph levels, keeping a balanced skin tone, and a supple and firm texture. These are all the characteristics of the skin that are in jeopardy when overexposed to the sun. 

7. Prevents future acne

The primary purpose of micellar water is to cleanse your face. People with sensitive skin usually have a hard time removing acne as they can’t use harsh chemicals as it may irritate the skin.

Micellar water, however, not only keeps inflammation or irritation at bay, it cleanses the skin from dirt and grime that clog up pores and cause acne. Keeping a clean face by cleansing with micellar water can keep pores clean and prevent acne from developing in the future.

8. Can clean your makeup brush

A lot of women use micellar water to clean up makeup brushes and equipment. Because micellar water is so gentle, it can help to remove dirt and grime from your face without damaging it in the process. 

Keep in Mind

Micellar Water for Skin Health

Micellar water can truly do wonders to your skin and lifestyle. However, an over-reliance on it may not help you get the results you truly want. Having healthier skin and complexion has multiple factors beyond just skincare routines.

Things such as diet, exercise, lifestyle habits, and personal health conditions are all important factors for skin health. For more information regarding skin health, speak with your doctor for further advice.

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