During this time of the year, maintaining healthy, shiny and strong hairy isn’t always easy. When the temperature in the UAE is soaring above 40 degrees regularly, we need to take every precaution possible to maintaining strong and healthy hair.

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Sun damage is a common occurrence for men and women who work outdoors. Air pollution can also cause complications in our hair. Just by making a few lifestyle adjustments as well as taking the extra steps in looking after your hair, you can maintain healthy and gorgeous looking hair this summer and all year round.

Here are some practical and useful things you can do to protect and maintain healthy hair this summer.

1. Sunblock your scalp

Healthy Hair During The Summer

Your scalp is not immune to sunburn. It is just as much at risk of sunburn as your skin. People usually miss this step because nobody wants to put thick products all over there hair and believe that the hair on our heads is enough to block out the sun.

The best way to apply sunblock onto your hair is to buy a specially made one for the scalp. These forms of sunscreen come as a spray that you can apply all over the scalp without messing up your hair. Otherwise, a foolproof hat made of UPF material can never go wrong.

2. Avoid swimming if you have coloured hair

Healthy Hair During The Summer

If you have dyed your hair, its best to avoid swimming at pools with high levels of chlorine. This is because chlorine can damage the hair while also causing discolouration. The best way to avoid this is to use a swimming cap.

If you noticed that your hair had become slightly discoloured whether your hair is dyed or not, wash your hair with baking soda and leave it for a few minutes. This should help to restore the hue in your hair back to normal. If you have dyed your hair to a light colour, it is best to use a swim cap or avoid swimming as it is likely to be discoloured by the chlorine.

3. Don’t let sweat ruin your hair

Healthy Hair During The Summer

Sweat is one of the main reasons why people have oily or dirty hair. Especially in the summertime, this is almost hard to escape. The best way to keep cool in the summer and avoid letting sweat ruin your hair is for women to tie it into a ponytail, top knot or braid.

For men, its best to cut your hair short so it’s easy and manageable. If your hair is oily due to sweat, be sure to shampoo and condition, so it’s restored to clean hair. Leaving your hair oily and dirty can cause dryness, splitting as well as agitating your skin. 

4. Don’t let humidity ruin your hair

Healthy Hair During The Summer

As the air is very humid all year round, you’ll notice your hair becoming frizzy. This is because it is becoming dry and may begin to start splitting. To keep frizzing to a minimum, look for shampoos and serums that contain amino silicones and cationic surfactants.

These two ingredients prevent humidity from getting in and between your hair and help to neutralize the negative effects of dried out hair. Speak with your doctor if you are unsure as to what products work best for your hair situation.

5. Use products focused on hydration

Healthy Hair During The Summer

During the summer, your hair will go dry if you don’t manage it properly. It is inevitable. No matter your hair type or length, during this time of the year its always best to use hair care products that will moisturize and replenish.

When your hair is moisturized and hydrated, it will show through strong and shiny hair. Use a hair mask or deep conditioner that is tailor-made for hydration and moisture restoration.

6. Skip the hot tools

Healthy Hair During The Summer

It’s good to put away your hot tools once or twice a week. Using hot tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons, it can cause your hair to become even drier.

When possible, air-drying your hair is best, before piling it up in a bun or ponytail before going to bed. In the morning you’ll notice your hair is strong, shiny and flexible.

Keep in Mind

On top of these above steps, it’s important to create a habit out of them. Often we subconsciously forget these things as they are not part of a routine habit. Most of these steps will need time for you to adjust and the results will work best when you are consistent with them.

On top of maintaining healthy hair during the summer, the skin is another thing we have to keep in mind as sun-damaged hair often means you may have sun-damaged skin as well.

If you notice that none of the above hair care tips works for you, speak with your doctor on what you can do regarding your hair health and general health.

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