The truth of the matter is, there’s nothing wrong with switching up skincare products. But you still need to understand and meticulously put together a skin care routine that works best for us. Trying out and testing new skincare products isn’t something you should take lightly. There are many different factors you’ll have to consider.

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We’ve all had to switch up skincare products from time to time. Sometimes we might add, remove a product, or switch between different brands. When you notice a particular brand or product isn’t working for your skin, you will automatically try something different.

Budget constraints and competitive marketing from various skin care brands are also reasons why people like to change up skin care products. Whether it’s good or bad for you, is entirely up to your perspective. It also means having an understanding of your own skin condition.

How to Switch Skincare Products

Switching up Skincare Products

1. Tachyphylaxis

What is tachyphylaxis, you ask? Tachyphylaxis is the ingredients that no longer have much effect because your skin has adjusted to them. When your skin becomes less sensitive to certain ingredients in products because you use them too much, your results will no longer be the same.

It means the product that you have been relying on will lose its effectiveness on your skin every time you use it. When this occurs, switching up products and pausing the use of the previous product is best.

2. Do your research

There’s no point changing your skin care routine if you don’t even know what you’re after. Are you looking to hydrate dry skin? Remove excess oil? Are you looking for something less harsh and more manageable? Find out what you are trying to achieve first.

You can do so by speaking with staff at the store where you by your products, read product testimonials, read or watch reviews from other people who are in the same situation as you. By educating yourself first, you’ll be able to single out the best products for you.

3. Know your skin type

All skin care products are developed and made with your skin type in mind. Whether you have fragile, rough, dry, oily or soft skin, there is a product that has been developed just for you. So before you try a new product, or replace your current one, identify what is the issue with your skin, what aspect of it needs improvement, and then choose the products that suit you best. Don’t just choose any product based on popularity or hype.

4. Stick to the basics

No matter what changes you’re making to your routine, the basics of exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing your face must always be there. If you are looking to add in masks, peels, toners, serums or other types of facial products is entirely up to you. But as long as you have the three staple products in your routine, your skin should always be fine.

5. Stay patient

A common reason why most people change up their skin care routine or try new products is that they can’t wait for the end result. We often get pressured by society and personal self-esteem to improve our look as soon as possible. This makes us buy into products that are hyped up while not giving our current products enough time to take effect.

Skin care and better skin health are all lengthy processes. Factors such as lifestyle, dieting, fitness and rest will all determine how fast skin can improve. So before you decide to switch up skin care products, understand that it needs to be given time before you drastically start switching up products.

Why You Shouldn’t Just Rely on Skincare Products

Switching up Skincare Products

Your skin care routine and the products in it is only half the significance of healthy and glowing skin. The most fundamental part of achieving better skin health is to maintain your general health. It means eating, hydrating and sleeping well.

Foods that can trigger acne or breakouts should be avoided. You also won’t improve your skin if it’s dehydrated. It means replenishing your body with water at all times and sleeping the hours you need every night. Before you consider a skin care routine, just make sure all the other health aspects in your lifestyle are in check.

What You Can Do?

Switching up Skincare Products

If you are curious about switching a brand or trying a different or unfamiliar type of product, make sure you do your research first. Understanding your skin type, your current skin condition, as well as what ingredients work well with your skin, are all the things you should consider before you try something new.

If you aren’t entirely sure how to approach this or assess your own skin situation, you can speak with your medical practitioner, or they may also recommend you see a dermatologist.

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