These days you can find counterfeits of almost everything: clothes, brands, accessories, and even food and makeup skincare products. People use fake products for two reasons. To save money by buying a cheaper counterfeit version, or because they have been tricked.

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Fortunately enough, the UAE has strict importing policies, and counterfeit products are illegal and punishable if you sell it. With that being said, counterfeit cosmetics and makeup still do find a way onto store shelves.

With that being said, let’s find out how it can damage your skin, have a negative effect on your health, and how to avoid them.

The Negative Effects of Fake Makeup

Fake Makeup

Counterfeit makeup can be considered very dangerous because you never know exactly what is being put into them. We have no idea what we are applying to our skin, and the labels are not consistent with what is actually inside the product, and once the damage is done, it’s tough to reverse. Here are symptoms and negative effects of applying fake makeup.

  • Eye infections – this happens when the makeup applied near and around the eyes causes irritation and inflammation. If you notice this whenever you use a specific makeup, chances are it could be a counterfeit product.
  • Allergic reactions – If any of your allergic reactions are triggered, it could be because a specific ingredient is being used but not included in the packaging label.
  • Skin rashes – one of the most common types of symptoms of counterfeit makeup, inflammation is a very common and serious occurrence. At first, you may notice red skin, overtime you will notice discomfort in the area as well as dry or peeling skin.
  • Swollen lips – If you notice your lips become swollen or puffy. It could be a reaction to a harmful chemical or ingredient in the makeup. It may also have a similar effect on your eyes. 
  • Chemical burns – One of the more serious risks of using fake makeup, is when toxic and harsh ingredients burn your skin and leave long-lasting or even permanent damage. Chemical burns can occur after using a faulty or fake product for so long or can happen as an immediate reaction. 
  • Long-term health problems – Some research suggests that exposure to harmful ingredients with toxic chemicals being applied to your face can increase the chances of high blood pressure, infertility, and other serious health complications.

If you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical attention from the doctor and stop using the product immediately. But instead of discarding the product, keep it aside so you can report it to the correct authorities before more supplies are distributed to people.

Also, it’s good to keep the product handy so the doctor can identify what ingredients have caused you to harm and how they can best treat it.

Avoiding and Spotting Out Fake Makeup

Fake Makeup
  • Do Your Research: Doing your research should be a mandatory thing, especially in this day and age. Whenever you’re browsing the internet or at the store looking through makeup products, open a page on your computer screen or your phone if you’re at the store and search up reviews and testimonials on the product. Also, research a particular store to see if they are credible and selling genuine products.
  • Question cheap prices: If some prices are too good to be true on a particular item, chances are they are. If the price is significantly selling for lower than usual then you should think twice. If the price is cheap, assess the packaging to make sure it’s legitimate. Authorized retailers of cosmetics should never knock off more than 20-30% on prices.
  • Read labels: Even if you are familiar with a certain product, always read the labels and content. Check for any misprints, misspellings, inconsistent fonts, and terms. Authentic brands will never get this wrong. 
  • Assess the packaging quality: Apart from the printing quality of the package, you can see what materials are being used to encase the product. Check online to see how it should be packaged and what materials are in use. Although this depends on the quality of the knock-off, fake makeup can usually be identified by its inferior packaging quality. Also, look out for products that look like they have been tampered with or extremely different from how they should. 
  • Know your ingredients: Knowing your skin and certain ingredients can also help as you can identify any ingredients that are out of the ordinary for certain makeup products. Even if the product is legitimate and selling from an authorized seller, formula changes in ingredients from the manufacturer can affect your skin.

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