Skincare fridges were a little odd a few years ago. Deemed as an unnecessary luxury back then, skincare fridges have become highly popular and are starting to move under the necessity category.

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Particularly in the UAE where temperatures can sore right above 40 degrees on hotter days, a skincare fridge may be ideal for those who have warmer homes. With that being said, let’s identify what it does, how useful it is, and whether its a necessary expense. 

What is a Skincare Fridge, and its benefits?

A skincare fridge is a small fridge where you can compartmentalize your skincare products such as face masks, lotions, creams, cleansers, and any other beauty or cosmetic products you have in your arsenal.

A skincare fridge will help to keep your products optimal without letting them go bad or spoil due to high temperatures. A skincare fridge is typically set and maintained at 10 degrees and is the optimal temperature for most skincare products.

Why You Should Have a Skincare Fridge?

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1. There is no substitute quite like it

Especially in the hotter days of the UAE, it’s hard to maintain a good temperature for all your skincare products when most parts of your home are hot. Running an air conditioner all day isn’t practical, and putting your skincare products in the fridge with all your food can cause contamination.

A skincare fridge is quite possibly the best thing to keep your skincare products at their best and gives you the peace of mind that you don’t have to move your products around the house to keep them safe.

2. Can enhance the effects of your products

Skincare products such as facial masks, eye creams and lotions work best when they are cold or are chilled. A skincare fridge will bring the temperature of your products down and will help soothe your skin even further.

This can help to reduce stress, unwind and relax and can also counteract burnt, swollen, agitated or hot skin. This is just an extra luxury that you can only get from a skincare fridge. 

3. Extends the life of products and keeps them at their best

Certain ingredients cannot be used if they have been affected by temperature. Cosmetic ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and vitamin C cannot go above 10 degrees; otherwise, their effects will not be the same.

A skincare fridge will help you to maintain these ingredients, giving your products an optimal shelf life as well as giving you the best effects possible.

4. A convenient place to keep your products together

I’d your cosmetic area or bathroom scattered with products? Do you struggle to locate a specific product amongst the lot you have in front of you?

Skincare fridges allow you to compartmentalize all your products so they can be easily stored together and conveniently found. It also prevents you from making a mess or losing products around your space.

5. Relatively affordable

Skincare fridges are relatively affordable. Lower end skincare fridges may not look aesthetically as great nor will they be bigger than higher-end options, they still get the job done.

You do need to assess what products you’re putting in, what size works best for your bathroom or cosmetic station and chances are you’ll find the perfect one that is within your budget.

Maintaining Your Skincare Fridge

If you are using a skincare fridge, be sure to keep it clean and do not let it get dirty. If the inside of your skincare fridge is dirty, it will contaminate all your products sitting inside it. Regularly clean it out with a wet cloth.

It’s okay to move your skincare fridge to convenient locations, but make sure the room you put it in isn’t too hot. Just because the inside temperature of the fridge is cool doesn’t mean that you should leave it in hotter places of your home. Keep it out of direct sunlight, so it doesn’t overheat. 

Should You Get One?

Skincare Fridge

Skincare fridges are a great tool to utilize for those with hotter homes or have the space to use one. Otherwise, it is an extra luxury that can be avoided if you are on a budget or tight for space around the house or bathroom.

If your skincare routine or products aren’t working out for you, a skincare fridge may not be your solution. The best thing to do in regards to maintaining healthy skin is to speak with your doctor or dermatologist on what products you need and what skincare routines you should have. 

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