We all know that coconut oil is right for your health inside and outside, including your hair. However, what is the benefits of coconut oil for your hair? Here we list 6 coconut oil benefits for hair.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

All Natural Conditioner

If you are looking for a substitute for those over the counter conditioners that are full of chemicals you can try coconut oil. It is all natural with no added chemicals, so it is better for you!

For Hair Growth

Coconut oil can help thicken and grow your hair if you have thinning hair. The essential nutrients including the lauric acid, penetrate the hair shaft improving the overall health of the hair.

If you have issues with your hair, you may have to pay attention to what’s inside your body. So treating it internally, such as eating foods that are high in Omega-3 will help while you’re also treating your hair from the outside.

For Dandruff

The cause of dandruff may come from sensitivity to the harsh chemicals in hair care products, so opting for a more natural treatment such as using coconut oil can be a better choice.

Coconut oil has been used to treat dandruff for hundreds of years. Coconut oil has fatty acids that include lauric and capric acid that have potent properties to fight against viruses, bacteria and fungus and help to kill it as well as viruses and bacteria that may be present on your scalp.

You have to note that coconut oil will not make dandruff go away overnight, but you can see results in just a week or so.

Tame Frizz

If appropriately used for your hair length and texture, coconut oil can tame frizz.

People with thick curly hair often get frizz in humid climates, so coconut oil can help your hair by penetrating the curls. Just use sparingly or as a touch up throughout the day!

To Detangle Hair

Annoyed by the tangled hair? Detangling hair can be a tough job and often can cause breakage. By using coconut oil, it can improve your hair break stress by penetrating the hair shaft, also making it easier to remove knots after washing, or in the evenings.

Using coconut oil for regularly will improve the overall health of your hair, and help prevent tangles.

To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

Just like our skin, the hair is prone to sun damage. As a natural sunscreen with SPF8+ properties, it can become a natural sunscreen. Therefore you can use leave-in conditioner if you are going outside all day. Super easy and affordable!

Depending on your hair type, coconut oil might not work for you. For those who lack natural protein in hair follicles, it can help retain the protein.

The best candidates for coconut oil are those with fine to medium hair. You can expect stronger, shinier hair with more volume after using coconut oil for some time. Those with coarse or dry hair may not be the best candidate for using coconut oil because it may lead to more hair damage including brittleness and hair loss. These people may benefit more from other types of oil, such as marula oil or argan oil.

Have a great hair day every day using coconut oil! If you need more information about coconut oil, reach out to one of our Okadoctors at Okadoc.