Cracked heels may not be a big deal for men, but for women, it can be frustrating to have them. Aside for beauty reasons, cracked heels occur due to many factors such as harsh soap that strips of skin’s natural oil, or standing for too long often causes cracked heels.

However, not to worry! There are five natural home fixes for cracked heels.

Honey & Water

One of the most popular fixes for cracked heels is the use of honey and water. There is not a more natural way to fix cracked heels with these common ingredients.

All you have to do is prepare 1 cup of honey and warm water. Stir together and soak your feet for around 15 – 20 minutes. Honey contains a natural antiseptic that can help revitalise the skin.

Cracked heels are healed much faster if you soak your feet in honey and warm water on a regular basis.  

The magic of vegetable oil

Vegetable oil nourishes your skin and fixes your cracked heels.

To use vegetable oil, you need to thoroughly wash your feet and dry them before applying the vegetable oil.

You can also put on socks after applying the vegetable oil to keep your feet from slipping. Don’t forget to wash your feet the morning after.


Vaseline’s primary purpose is to keep your skin moist; it certainly can cure cracked heels easily.

Soak your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes. Gently use a loofah to remove dried skin off your heels. Apply Vaseline to the affected area.

Additionally, you can also mix Vaseline with lemon for better use. The acidity in lemon can help you get rid of foot aches and dry feet.

Coconut Oil

Aside from moisturising, coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are healthy for your skin in general.

Similar to the use of vegetable oil, you need to clean your feet first before applying coconut oil to your heels.

Apply coconut oil to the affected area every night before you go to bed for maximum benefit.

Banana & Avocado

Mixing bananas and avocados for cracked heels is a brilliant idea. Avocados contain essential oils, vitamins, and minerals needed to repair damaged skin, while bananas keep your skin smooth, soft, and moisturised.

To use banana & avocado foot mask, you need to mash a banana and blend them with ½ of an avocado.

Soak your feet in warm water for about 15 – 20 minutes. Apply the mixture to your heels and wait around 30 minutes before washing your feet. Always remember to use lukewarm water to clean your feet after.

There are many easy fixes for cracked heels that you can try aside from the ones listed above. To prevent cracked heels, you can also apply simple habits of moisturising your heels or avoid closed-back shoes.

Most of the times cracked heels are not dangerous, but sometimes it can be painful, sore, and bleed. This is why the use of coconut oil to your heels are vital to keeping them from getting infected. You can also consult with a dermatologist from Okadoc if the problem persists.