Working in an office and at home have different benefits. Working from home and working from an office building have their pros and cons.

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You might think that working from home may be better in the long run, but is it better?

Working from Home


  • Flexibility – While working from office requires strict working hours, working from home enables you to work and relax at the same time. Working from home may improve life and sleep quality as there is no time clock and you can start and finish anytime you please.
  • Productivity – Working from home does not enforce you to work when you feel less inspired. By having the freedom to rest, you can start producing more quality work when you feel inspired.
  • Pressure – Pressure from managers and bosses are less when working from home. Additionally, pressure from attending meetings that generally occur will be reduced when you work from home. In some cases, less pressure from work may also improve productivity. This is because your body and mind do not have the impression that there is a deadline.
  • In Full Control of Working Environment  – When you work from home, you have the ability to turn your home environment into a productive working environment. By having the atmosphere that suits you, your productivity and quality of work may improve.


  • Confinement – You don’t have contact with your peers. Support from colleagues might be limited due to the limitations of communication.
  • Work/Life Balance – It is not uncommon for people who work from home to still be working after normal working hours. Sometimes, you may even feel that you work 24/7 because of this flexibility. Additionally, you may also feel that your work has blended into your personal life and there is no more clear boundaries.
  • A sense of Guilt – Most of us still work in companies that adopt the culture of equalising working time to performance. This resulted in efforts to build up the impression that you still work long hours even though you work remotely. In the long run, working from home may plant a constant sense of guilt in some people.

Working from the Office


  • Career Growth Motivation – While working under constant supervision may make you feel stressed, it can also encourage and motivate you to perform better. Being around a knowledgeable and an intelligent environment can also assist you to compete healthily.
  • Social Network – Interacting with your colleagues does not only motivate you to perform better, but it also can serve as a distraction when you feel down.
  • Clear Line Between Work & Life  – It is easier to divide the time between working and relaxing. You may also feel more balance between work and life as generally less work would be done after working hours.


Stress from Commuting – The most well-known disadvantage of working at the office is commuting. You may also need to experience stress and anxiety from heavy traffic. Although you may not see it, heavy traffic has a significant influence on your mood.

Working from home or the office have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it is also important to note that the pros and cons of each environment still depend on the person.

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