There are many expensive eye creams out there to purchase but what is the right way to put on eye cream?

We break down the most common mistakes when using eye cream and how you should do it below.

Most Common Mistakes When Using Eye Cream

Use a Proper Eye Cream

You should make sure you use a cream dedicated for the eye area, not your regular day/night cream.

Make sure it’s ophthalmologist tested, and the eye cream has to be formulated without perfume because it might cause allergies.

The skin around the eye is delicate and most sensitive skin all over the body, so be very careful about what you put there!

Buying Based Off Price

It seems logical that purchasing the most expensive cream would be the best, but this is not the always the case. Buying eye cream should be based on your needs and the ingredients used.

For example, if you have puffy eyes, you should look for a depuffing eye cream. Moreover, if you have dark circles, you should look for a brightening one.

Only Applying Once a Day

Eye cream needs to be applied twice a day, not just at night as the skin is most vulnerable during the day. Using ultra moisturising cream formula will keep skin hydrated and use thinner lighter cream during the night as the skin regenerates and repairs itself.

Not Using the Right Quantity

Thinking that if you use more is better in your eye area? There’s no need to use too much cream because if you’re using too much eye cream, it can cause more problems such as milia or bumps under the eyes.

We recommend applying a dab, pea-sized amount to use for the eye area.

Not Applying in the Right Area

Make sure to apply around the orbital bone, do not use too close to the eyes. Other areas are under the eyebrow and the eyes.

Make sure that the texture of the cream is not too runny if you want to apply it under the eyebrow, otherwise, it might migrate into the eye and create allergies.

Focus on the eye bags if you have them. Apply with ring finger as this has a more delicate touch than other fingers. Use minimal strength.

Waiting for the “Right Age”

There is no need to wait for the right age to use eye cream, you can apply them as early as possible to avoid and prevent any formation of dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness.

Not Letting The Eye Cream “Rest”

You can apply eye cream before putting any makeup on, make sure to let the skin absorb it before applying makeup.

Using it on Dry Skin

Applying moisturiser to wet skin can help lock in hydration, and the same rule can be applied to eye cream. So, before towelling off after cleansing your face, dab the cream onto the skin under your eyes while it’s still damp.

For more information about how to use eye cream and which one is the right one for you, you can ask one of our Okadoctors at Okadoc.