Stress is a prominent component in our mental health, but it becomes a serious issue when it begins to affect your physical health. When stress levels grow to concern levels, people can develop anxiety as well as depression.

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Dr. Dolly Habbal, a psychologist at Advanced Cure Medical Centre, believes nearly 80 percent of people in the UAE are stressed. Some have a strong social support system to help them manage it while others will buckle under the pressure.

Feeling stressed is really draining your mind and body. Even if you don’t have medical support yet, here are 5 simple ways to stress less and live happier because you deserve it!

1. Take Deep Breaths

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This is the most simple, most practical way you relieving stress instantly. Though it may not solve all your problems and issues, it can help to calm down emotions and help you get a grip of your circumstances or situation.

This not only helps to put your mind at ease but can also help to relax your body from tension, spasms or fatigue. Practice breathing techniques on a regular basis. This will help you to get in the habit of preventing stress at first notice.

One of the best techniques in breathing is to inhale deeply through the nose or mouth, expanding the stomach before exhaling. Do this for 1 minute before turning back to normal breathing. After this process, you’ll notice a level of calmness and clear thought. This is the best way to counteract stress at first chances.

2. Meditate And Have Time For Yourself

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Meditation is often overlooked, but it actually can significantly improve the effects of stress and mental strain. Meditation is a simple exercise that can go for as long as you like.

It requires you to relax the mind and body, find some quiet and practice your breathing. Use your thoughts for thinking only about positive and relevant matters.

The purpose of this exercise is to put your mind in a present state where it can have a sense of clarity. This helps to reduce and minimize stress issues from the past or future and encourages you to be happier.

3. Explore New Things

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Boredom in some cases, can cause stress or even make it worse. That’s why it’s always good to explore new things.

This can mean trying out new hobbies, going to unfamiliar places or spending more time learning different leisure activities, trying on new fashion, picking up a new sport, visiting different places on the weekends, making friends with new people or even talking to new people from different communities.

Because once you familiarise yourself with something new and find enjoyment in it, it just becomes another doorway or solution for you to reduce stress levels and enjoy life to your fullest.

4. Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

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Stress is a feeling developed in your mind to signal that something isn’t right. During times of stress or great pressure, your brain will tell you to do things you don’t want to do, behave in ways you haven’t before or even make you feel helpless.

People who feel these symptoms can end up feeling the physical strain in their bodies and physical health. During times of stress or discomfort, eating healthy and exercising can help to relieve stress by giving you energy, more physical strength and lessen the possibility of fatigue in your day.

When your body feels good, your physical health becomes one less thing to stress about. By ensuring good physical health is maintained, you are setting the foundation for a healthier mind and the physical conditioning to go through a stressful day.

5. Develop Organisational Habits

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Believe it or not, having an organized life doesn’t just make you less stressed, but also makes you live happier while increasing your productivity without having to invest extra time or effort.

By using organizational tools such as noting things down, having a schedule, creating reminders and tracking your day will not only reduce the amount of information you have to store in your head but also encourages you to create habits to bring structure to your life.

Once these healthy habits are developed, you’ll notice there’s less pressure off your shoulders and life doesn’t need to be as stressful or confusing as it is.

There is no way you can completely remove all aspects of stress from your life and there is no way you can be happy all the time. But you can choose to live happier or just sit in the corner and consumed by your own stress. You are worthy of the happiness in this world.

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