The amount of plastic that goes to waste is not only concerning for our planet but also for our future and the generations to come. According to a statistic by the UAE Ministry of Environment and water, the average resident in the UAE uses 450 plastic bottles per year.

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More astoundingly, a whopping 11 billion plastic bags, are used per year. The UAE is ranked 4th highest in the world for plastic consumption. Though this is a very alarming cause, it seems to be falling on deaf ears and not something most of the general public take seriously. Without being environmentally conscious, we cannot sustain a prosperous future for the generations to come.

The only way we can reduce plastic consumption and waste is to grow more awareness towards the harm it brings and the seriousness of the matter. With this being a good starting point, here are seven practical ways for us to reduce plastic for a more sustainable and brighter future.

7 Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Reduce Plastic

1. Bring your food containers

If you are going out for a meal, bring along a container in case you ‘can’t finish your food or are ordering takeaway. We know it can be a nuisance to carry a container everywhere you go, but if you keep it in a backpack or bag, it’s convenient.

Leaving one in your car or bag is a good idea so you ‘don’t have to bring it or make it a habit consciously. This can minimize the number of plastic containers being used and wasted.

2. Be wise with shopping bags

Whenever you get a plastic bag from the groceries or after shopping, keep them and refuse them until they can’t be used any longer. People often throw them out because there seems to be a steady supply from shops.

However, by reusing plastic bags and taking them with you, there will be less overall wastage, and the overall demand for the production of plastic bags will decrease.

3. Install a water filter inconvenient places

We all understand that water in the UAE ‘isn’t the best quality and can be quite harmful to health if it ‘isn’t filtered. It may be a good idea to install a high-quality water filter at your home, office, or wherever is convenient for you.

From here, you can drink an unlimited supply of water, reuse bottles, and end the unnecessary production and wastage of single-use plastic bottles.

4. Look for reusable alternatives

Single-use plastics and condiments for eating are the most prominent types of plastics being wasted and can be easily avoided by simple lifestyle changes.

By using more heavy-duty and, long term alternatives can help us to minimize single-use plastics. Stainless steel drink canisters, Strong for Tupperware, and fabric or stitched shopping bags are convenient and sustainable alternatives.

5. Prepare meals requiring less plastic consumption

Simple lifestyle changes towards our diet and food preparation can make a difference. As opposed to buying products with excessive packaging, use alternatives that ‘don’t require as much, for example, instead of buying juice. Just buy fruit and juice it yourself. Instead of buying a pre-made fruit salad, make your own with fresh vegetables.

6. Promote awareness

By encouraging others that a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to saving plastic and being smarter with plastic waste, our environment can improve faster and more effectively.

Decreasing the amount of plastic consumption and making a real difference is a team effort and power in numbers matters. Spreading awareness and setting an excellent example to others is just as important as doing it ourselves.

7. Recycle what you can

Most plastic has a longer shelf life than we give it. Whether it’s a plastic bag, or old figurines or storage containers, try to use it until you ‘can’t any longer. You can recycle them by giving away or donating things you ‘don’t need or use anymore.

Old toys, clothes, containers, plastic utilities can still be appreciated and used by people in need. So before you chuck something out, see if you can donate it to someone who may still have a use for it. 

It All Starts with You

Reduce Plastic

A lot of people are put off by making a conscious effort towards reducing plastic consumption because they believe that no matter how much plastic they save, others will waste it. This can make us feel demotivated and almost feel like we are fighting a battle that is already lost.

No matter how bleak the future may look, every single person’s effort counts. There are millions of people around the world who are making an effort to reduce plastic consumption with an eye on the future.

There is an incremental change to our future every time a single individual decides to make that positive change. So instead of being demotivated, be encouraged! 

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