Are you struggling to stay in shape? Are you struggling to find the energy to exercise? Is your mind telling you to get up and move but your body tells you to sit down and chill instead? If so, don’t panic, because that’s normal.

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One of the main reasons why people struggle to stay in good shape or even becoming more active is because the motivation isn’t there. There are a desire and a recognized need to become more active and live a healthier life, but there isn’t enough motivation for them to take action.

There are reasons why being physically active is important to one’s health, but before we can incorporate this into our lives, we need to find the motivation to do so. Here are the five best ways to motivate yourself to become active now!

1. Set Goals For Yourself

Ways to Motivate Yourself to be Active

This is the first and most crucial step. This not only gets you moving but also ensures that you get results. By setting goals and targets, you begin to develop an understanding of what your true motives are and how you plan on executing them to reach your targets.

Whether it’s to become stronger, live longer or build your self-esteem, by identifying what the end goal looks like, you’ll be able to stick to it and develop ways to reaching that specific goal.

Setting goals also mentally lock you into committing. This will give you a reason every day to get up and start moving. But keep in mind that many people often like to set unrealistic targets.

By doing this, you never actually reach your goals and in turn, can even make you less motivated. Being realistic with your expectations is the most important thing to keep in mind when setting goals for yourself.

Just like everything else in life, if the result doesn’t go the way you intended, it’s unlikely you will try that option again. Don’t fall for this rookie mistake.

2. Make it Fun and Enjoyable

Ways to Motivate Yourself to be Active

Becoming active doesn’t have to feel like a chore. And if it does, that’s probably why you are lacking the motivation to get moving. If you struggle to find a physical activity that excites, interests or satisfies you, keep looking. The worst thing you can do is not to become active at all.

Physical activity can range from walking the dog, playing sports with friends, hitting the gym on your own or even just gardening in your yard.

Whether your target is to become more fit, get more work around the house done, get more social with friends or just improving your functional fitness, there is a physical activity perfect for you. Finding a physical activity that’s fun and enjoyable is already enough motivation to get you moving.

3. Build Up Your Self-Esteem

Ways to Motivate Yourself to be Active

Social acceptance is not everything. What others think of you should never affect how you feel about yourself or the things you do. But accepting yourself is what’s important.

If you’re not satisfied with how you look, or how people see you in your perspective, then building up your self-esteem can work wonders for you. This can be one of the greatest motivations for most people looking to get active.

Before you go about trying to build your self-esteem, always keep in mind what the goals are and that you are motivated for the right things. If you’re doing this to impress people you don’t even like, or you’re trying to develop an ego revolved around your status among others, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. 

However, if you’re getting active to improve the way you see yourself, the way you interact with others or have a desire to develop admirable traits such as courage or bravery to tackle new challenges, then there’s nothing wrong at all for trying to build your self-esteem

4. You’re Going to be Healthier

Ways to Motivate Yourself to be Active

This is probably the most basic but most important point and should be at least one of your motivations to get active. Physical activity improves your health.

Other aspects of life associated with physical activity such as diet and rest will improve your health. Being active does not only improve your shape and physical appearance, but it’s good for your bodies internal functioning.

By exercising and incorporating healthy living around it, you will build up strength, endurance, healthier bones, organs, muscles, joints and other components of the body.

Physical activity also improves heart health, brain health and can prevent you from getting diseases and health complications related to bad diet or inactivity. Above all, else in terms of physical activity and physical health is that you’ll live longer.

If adding more years to your life motivates you to exercise, then you don’t have to overthink when deciding to go on your next exercise session.

5. Develop Discipline and Dedication

Ways to Motivate Yourself to be Active

Is physical activity the only thing you’re coming short at? Other things people try to seek motivation is with work, school, relationships, and other activities.

The only way to be firing on all cylinders on all of these aspects of life is by developing the discipline and dedication to making all these components of your life work.

What’s great about physical activity is that it doesn’t just push you to get more active and healthier, but also makes you practice disciplined dedication and patience. Physical activity is a great way to learn how to develop these things because they are exactly what you needed to reach your goals.

By getting active as a starting point, you’ll develop the discipline required to achieve your physical activity goals and develop the dedication it takes to get there.

By experiencing this and instilling it in your being, you can incorporate discipline and dedication into other aspects of your life such as career, relationships or school.

Using physical activity as a launching pad to develop important life skills such as discipline and dedication should already be enough reason for you, then get out there and get active.

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